Genetically Modified Food

Recombinant DNA

Recombining DNA is the process of changing DNA segments of organisms to create a hybrid organism. They can do this by adding, removing, or replacing any segment of DNA. They invented the way to do this in the 1970's, and the process came to be after they tested using E. Coli bacteria. Organisms who's DNA has been modified are known to be transgenic, and to this day now include bacteria, yeast, insects, plants, fish and some mammals. we created these transgenic organisms for use for specific properties and products.

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Like/Unlike Traditional Breeding

Humans have been selectively breeding for certain traits in animals and plants for a long amount of time. That method however, was more or less a more of hit-or-miss method. Until Mendel, we were not exactly sure how traits and alleles were passed on. Today, we now know how to isolate specific genes and use them to get exactly what we want. This method we use now would never have happened naturally, which makes it an artificial method.


Our use of living organisms to our benefit is ever-changing, and we are always improving the efficiency and variability of the use of living organisms.