Animal Farm Goes Corrupt

New Leader Wanted: Elections Occurring Soon

Our Childrens Lives Matter

Just like the leaves, 'leaders' must fall to. If an unfit ruler like Napoleon falls you as comrades of a rebellion need a ruler that is wise, headstrong and doesn't follow the trends. Benjamin, the donkey, is the animal you need. Napoleon steals our children and forces them to detach from emotion and become killers.


Benjamin is the oldest animal on the farm and says "Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey." (12) When saying this he means he has a lot more knowledge and can pass it down to younger generations.

"Slowly, and with an air of almost amusement, Benjamin nodded his long muzzle." (39 )He knows how things will go and finds amusement in it. It is almost like he has experienced it before with odl majors generation. The other animals are finally seeing Benjamin way of thinking and realizing that the pigs are cheating them out of everything.

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Overthrow Napoleons Power

Younger Years.

Even at a younger age I noticed Ben was the voice of reason. The trio of pigs was a bad idea from birth but, everyone insisted they would be great leaders. Benjamin says "They always campaigned what they wanted wrong, the Trio always demanded that the animals would listen to them instead of listening to what the animals thought. Me I didn't really care but i listened and would understand what the people wanted". He goes on to say " Great leaders listen to the people. People like to be listened to and i love listening, it makes me laugh".

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New Commandments

1. There are no enemy's.
2. Anything that stands is a friend.
3. Animal shall wear clothes if they please.
4. Animals shall sleep in a bed if they please to.
5. No Animal or Human shall drink alcohol.
6. No Animal or Human shall kill any other Animal or Human .
7. All Animals and Humans are equal.

8. No Animal or Human shall break the fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed. This includes Racial profiling or profiling in general, Equal Pay Act, Child custody cases can be settled in courts ect.

9. All Animals and Humans are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

10. Court officials both Animals and Humans will be voted on in elections and will have a 3 year term.

We Have Job Opportunity

We have jobs to take care of the farm and harvesting. Human or Animals can be hired. When we rebuild the windmill there will job opportunities for windmill management.

Take Down Napoleon

Thursday, March 17th, 1am

1624 University Avenue

Berkeley, CA

During an exclusive interview with Benjamin we found out the plan of attack on Napoleon.

He told us that author Christopher Locke would discus his book "Persimmon Takes on Humanity". The animals on the farm would bring Napoleon to celebrate his great leadership and learn how to explore beyond what he thought.

Benjamin goes on the say

First we will bring him to seminar in United States and make him fall in love with Special Agent Ms.Piggy. He will fall in love with her and her beauty.

Then they will spend lots and lots of time together during the book reading. Ms. Piggy is a great actress and will know what to say to really "WOW" Napoleon.

Napoleon will want to stay with Ms. Piggy but then find out about Ms. Piggys long past with Kermit the frog.

This will create a love triangle and Special Agent Piggy will tell Napoleon that they will be married on March 19th at the local church.

All the animals on the farm will attend the wedding in Berkeley but none will know of Ms. Piggy's secret.

All the animals will be on their way to the San Francisco International Airport and Napoleon will decide to stay with Ms.Piggy and hand over his power to the Animals.

Weeks after Napoleon will find out that Special Agent Ms. Piggy secret is that she has commitment issues.

Mrs. Piggy will talk to him but he wont fall for the same things Kermit did and she will start talking to Kermit again.

Napoleon will find out and be upset and break his own commandment of "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess" and go to a bar.

He will be drunk on the street and people will complain that he is yelling "Napoleon is always right" and cry hysterically.

They will call the cop.

He will get arrested and Special Agent Piggy will bail him out and kick him out and file for a divorce.

He will be stuck in Berkeley and the ASPCA will find him on the streets living in a box and send him to another farm.

Laughing donkey

Made By June Harris