5th Grade Newsletter

January 5, 2016

Message to Parents

A lot of students have returned to school at this midway point without school supplies. Please check with your child to see if they need more notebook paper or pencils. Teachers have a limited supply to share with students.

In your child's report card folder there will be a letter regarding Hall County School System's Internet safety classes the students will be participating in. Please fill out the portion at the bottom of the letter and return to your child's teacher a.s.a.p. if you would like your child to opt-out.

Social Studies News:

Smallwood/Bass: WWI

Walker/Wandrum's classes will have the Presidential Tea on Tuesday, January 26th during their regular class time.

Science News:

Walker/Wandrum's classes have moved on to electricity and magnetism. The students will need a box in order to complete an electricity project in which they create something with a closed circuit.

Reading News:

Nonfiction text structures: Compare & contrast, cause & effect, problem & solution, description, and sequence (chronological) order.

Math News:

This week in math we will be working with improper fractions, equivalent fractions, and mixed numbers.

Writing News:

The students are writing on a topic that they are an "expert" on already. They will conduct a small amount of research to add to what they already know. The students are learning about not using Wikipedia as a reliable resource and having multiple resources to support their writing.

Important Dates

January 6th - Report cards go home

January 18th - No school

January 22nd - New Enrichment Clusters begin

January 26th - Hall County Spelling Bee

February 1st - 4th - Jump Rope For Heart

February 5th - Father/Daughter Date Night

February 12th - 2nd Enrichment Cluster

February 15th - No school

February 26th - No school for students

February 29th - March 4th - Book Fair

March 4th - 3rd Enrichment Cluster

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