Mrs. George's Journal

April 2017

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School Wide Information

ISAT 2.0 Testing

Our school is in the midst of annual assessments. The junior high students took their Math CAT on Thursday, and will take the English Language Arts CAT on Tuesday, April 18. CAT stands for Computer Adaptive Test, and the software is responsive to student success. If a student gets a few answers correct, the problems will become more difficult. If the student misses a few, the problems will become simpler until a proficient level is identified. Seventh graders still have the science ISAT which will be held April 24th during 1st and 2nd periods. The Math Performance exam is scheduled for May 2, and the English Performance will be on May 4. The school will receive the results in early June. I'll share those with you as soon as possible. These tests are challenging, so encourage your students to get a good night sleep and eat a solid breakfast. I know that we all want them to do their best work. From my English perspective, I think the kids were well prepared for the English Language Arts assessments. We'll see what the results say soon.
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It will soon be time to register for next year's classes. Our counselor Mrs. Beck will be visiting classes to inform students and complete the registration. Next year the eighth graders will have an exploratory class; they will have a different subject each quarter where they can investigate new content. The current plan is to include shop, foreign language, information systems, and STEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math); though the scheduling isn't yet final. We are also considering adding some additional elective options to the schedule for high school students, but minimum enrollment levels will have to be met. Some possible options include Accounting, Life Time Fitness, World History, and Western Literature.
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Be Prepared!

Just a friendly reminder...students still need to come to class prepared with pencil, eraser, paper, and ink pen. A few students have run out of those basic supplies, and need to replenish their tool kits. Just like any job, students need to come to class equipped to do the work. Thanks!
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Music Time

Music students have some exciting events coming up this month. Large group festival will be held on Wednesday, April 18. Junior High Festival is at OJSHS again this year on April 26. Our band will be performing and several of our students will be helping Mrs. Tetwiler keep things running smoothly. These are great opportunities for our student to show off their hard work.

On-Line Grades

District #171 has been using Power School for several years now to manage student grade information. Students and parents can access the site via the internet at any time. Just click on the link below.

The user name is the student's district/lunch number. All junior high students should know their three-digit password by now. We've also practiced accessing the site in class. If parents don't know the password and would like it, ask your student. You can also contact Mrs. George for seventh grade, and the office for all other student passwords. The passwords stay the same from year to year.

This service is a great tool for students and families. The grades are posted on the web as soon as they are entered by the teacher, so a quick look can give you up-to-date information. Be sure to bookmark the site so you can find it easily.

Junior High News

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Junior High Track Meet

Our home Junior High track meet will be held on Tuesday, April 18. It begins right after school. Volunteers are often needed, so check with Jeff Wright if you'd like to help out. Boosters will be selling concessions, and the athletes would love to have a supportive home-town crowd cheering them on.

Poetry Anthology

Seventh graders are writing poems and taking photos that will soon be printed in an anthology . The students will do everything from the writing and photographing, to title choice and cover design. Each student author will receive a free copy of the book thanks to a generous grant from the Nez Perce Tribe Local Education Program Fund. Keep an eye out for the upcoming poets from Orofino.

High School News

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Knowledge Bowl

Our last knowledge Bowl meet of the year is scheduled for Monday, April 17 @ Timberline. Any 9th - 12th grade student can participate. The bus will be leaving at 5:20PM. The bus won't be stopping for snacks, but Timberline is selling pizza and a drink for $4. This is a great way for all students to get involved in extra-curricular life.

Dual Enrollment English 1094

Students have just finished up the last research essay for our NNU dual enrollment class. It's been challenging work, but I'm confident that everyone has learned a great deal. This last quarter we will be focusing on the culminating project proposal and research paper.

Classroom Calendar

If I have your email address, you should have received an invitation to share our 7th Grade Google calendar. If you didn't get it, it's not too late. Click on the link below to visit the calendar on line. If you have a Google account, you will see a link at the bottom right of the page to add it to your own calendar set. I have slide shows, assignments, and notes available as links on most assignments so you can get assignments when your students are absent, or just see what we are doing in class. I think this will be an excellent tool for all of us.

School Year Calendar

Click on the link below to see the Jt. District 171 Calendar. You can bookmark it for future reference.