Level 4 on Blend space Period 2

By Dale English

Separation of powers

The Framers Did not want the government to have too much power so they developed separation of powers and the power of each branch limits the power of the other 2 therefore neither one of the has too much power so they cannot rule over one another

Checks and Balances

legislative makes laws and the executive checks on the legislative branch by vetoing laws and the executive branch hires federal judges judicial checks on the legislative by declaring laws unconstitutional and the judicial branch checks on the executive branch by declaring presidential acts unconstitutional the legislative branch checks on the executive branch by congress approving presidential nominations,controls the budget can pass laws over presidential veto and can impeach the president and remove him from office the legislative branch can check on the judicial branch by the senate confirms the president's nominations congress can impeach judges and remove them from office


The Framers Separated the powers of the government by making three branches of government and making a strong union

How is it important today

these groups all work together to establish a strong government. montesquieu created separation of powers someone else created checks and balance to check on other branches if one falls then the others will collapse slowly and slowly until the government shuts down and can't run anymore. the framers created federalism so none of that would happen. They specifically made them for a specific reason and purpose. they wanted peace and a strong union so that there would be peace in the world