Johnny Cade

Bruce Baker- Period 7

Johnny's Description

Johnny's eyes are large and black. He is the smallest of the group and yet only the second youngest. His skin is described as dark and tanned. He has very dark black hair, with lots of grease to keep it combed to the side. Even when it is combed, his hair is so long that his bangs fall shaggily across his forehead. He always has a nervous look in his eyes, because he was once jumped and beaten badly by Socs.

Johnny's Personality

He is always afraid of being jumped or beaten again. He is very quiet and shy, and afraid to speak to people. He hates his home life because his parents are cruel to him, and acts as everyone in the gang's "pet" as said by Ponyboy on page 11, mainly because of his quiet personality and size. He isn't a coward from always being nervous of the Socs and being jumpy, and that is shown by the blade he keeps with him in case of a jumping. He would not run, he would stand and fight. He would always help out a fellow gang member.

Johnny's Hobbies (Or Lack Of Them)

Johnny does not have a known job or any hobbies.

Johnny's Prized Possesions

His only known prized material possession, if you can call it "prized", is probably his switchblade he carries in his pocket for fear of being jumped. His immaterial prized possession is probably the gang. Other than that, he, at least as we know of, has nothing to his name except things like a bed and a house, assuming he is provided with a bed. His parents are poor and cruel to him, so he really has no other immaterial or material prized possessions.

Johnny And The Gang

Johnny is not blood related to anyone in the gang. They are his only friends and he only knows affection through them. They all treat him kindly, and not even Dally gets mad at him. I think they all kind of pity Johnny because of his circumstances, even though they are all living badly.