The Monthly Newsletter of The Great Lakes Bay Early College

Program Coordinator's Corner with Mr. Summey

The school is off to a great start. We are already into our fourth week of classes. This newsletter is an attempt to keep you informed of the various activities happening within our program. Thank you for your continuous support of the Great Lakes Bay Early College.

Important Dates

September 16-FAFSA Night-6 pm (for students in their plus 1-year)

September 20-College Course Verification Form Due-(for all students taking college courses)

October 13-PSAT/NMSQT Test-7:30 am-Delta College-(mandatory for all 10th and 11th graders)


Continue to follow the COVID-19 requirements in place at the educational institution (Delta College or SVSU) that you are taking classes. Make sure to carefully review any COVID-19 updates that are sent electronically or posted on the school website. Both Delta College and SVSU frequently update their COVID-19 webpages (including their health and safety procedures).

SISD Email Expectations

We expect you to check your SISD email. With the way our program is structured, email is the best form of communication. The GLBEC staff will send messages to your SISD email throughout the school year that need your immediate attention.


Please make sure to communicate a student's absence via email or phone (989) 686-9146. The student should also inform their teachers when they will not be at school to get their school work. Skyward will notify you via email if a student is not in attendance.

Mentor Meetings

We expect our students to attend their mentor meetings. If something comes up, please communicate with your mentor to reschedule your appointment. Mentoring allows the GLBEC staff to provide the necessary support to ensure that our students are successful.


Students in college courses in need of additional materials or supplies for your classes; please contact Mr. Summey to arrange a time to meet to pick up the necessary items.

Student Leadership Council (Also Known as Student Council at a Traditional High School)

GLBEC's Student Leadership Council is looking for more representatives. A schedule of meeting dates and times will be available soon. Below, I have provided the names of the individuals on the Executive Board.

President-Madison Koscielski

Vice President-Autumn Goodenough

Secretary-Maia Clynick

Treasurer-Dania Flores

Student Leadership Council Event

During the first week of classes for cohort 11, the student leadership council hosted a popsicle social. Throughout the year, the SLC will host these types of events to build relationships.

Connections with English Literature and Writing with Mrs. Kojak

The students have just completed personal narratives, where they told about a time in their lives when they had to overcome a challenge. They created visual essays, incorporating images and music, to enhance their stories. The students rose to the challenge of making their writing impactful, while being concise. Ask your student if they would like to share their project with you! They put a lot of effort into these personal narratives.

We just started our second unit, where we will explore the essential question, “What is the line between individuality and collective responsibility?” This past week the students did a close reading of a research article, to work on their ability to comprehend challenging technical documents. The study looked at how individualistic or collectivistic the culture of a country tended to be, and then the impact of Covid-19 on those countries. The students had insightful discussions with their peers, while remaining respectful of differing viewpoints.

Students are also continuing their independent reading projects, where they read a book of their choosing, and reach a goal of at least 60 pages per week. Many students are starting their second book, and so many are exceeding their weekly page goal. This will help prepare them for the demands of college classes, and hopefully will allow them to read some amazing books along the way.

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Mathematics with Mr. Christensen

Students have started to acclimate to our math program here at GLBEC with a couple critical thinking assignments along with the daily lessons. For parents of students taking Algebra, Algebra II, and Geometry, you can check out the “Family” link to the units we are studying by clicking here. This is a new platform for material that I have used for a couple of years.

Our emphasis on communicating how we think about a problem no matter what the topic is being practiced directly on Fridays when students are presented with an open-ended situation where they need to develop and implement a strategy and describe how their approach worked or did not work.

Please reach out with any questions you may have as students navigate through the start of our semester.

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Science Methods with Mr. Conklin

What a wonderful time to learn. As difficult as the educational landscape over the last two years has been, this year has been the closest thing to “normal” I've seen since. Let me tell you, I for one welcome it. Cohort 11 is proving to be just as eager as myself to get back into the serious business of learning. Over the last couple weeks GLBEC science methods students have been learning what it means to think scientifically, to think critically. Students have been subject to my tricks of subterfuge in an attempt to show them how easily information can be contorted to fit a narrative and mislead. I teach these lessons to prime their minds for learning why it is so difficult for human beings to be objective. It simply is not within our nature to be objective but that does not mean that we cannot attempt to be. To be a good scientist one must try to remain objective despite the heuristic wiring of our innate mind.

GLBEC science methods recently accomplished their first lab courtesy of the space offered to us by Delta College’s chemistry department and despite how rocky the first lab can be (often the first lab experience students have ever had) this one went off without a hitch and plenty of room yet for growth. Yes, I am reinvigorated by the educational prospects of full face to face education this year and I am excited to get to know each and every one of my students as we take the journey yet again not to increase what we know, but to learn all about what we can do with what we know.

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Career Navigation with Mrs. Gloss

September 16th we will host a FAFSA night to review important facts about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Please see the email that was sent out on 8/23 for the zoom link.

At this time all +1 students should have scheduled a meeting with me to review the in's and out's of transitioning to college from GLBEC. It is very important that all +1 students attend one of these meetings. An email was sent to students on 8/20 with a meeting registration link.

In college readiness with Cohort 11 we have reviewed a breakdown of an associates and bachelors degree. We have also performed a learning style inventory, personality inventory and career matchmaker using Xello, our Career Exploration Platform. If you want to see their career matches please log in with your child and have them show you their account. Earlier this month we looked at the requirements that need to be met to graduate from the early college and expectations of the program. So far, I have found this group to be very attentive and I greatly appreciate their fine note taking skills. I look forward to what the rest of the semester has to bring.

Skyward Tips by Mrs. Kushion

Here is how to log into Skyward Family and Student Access:

Students have a unique login. By using their student login, students can access information about their grades, attendance, and other information through Skyward Family and Student Access. Students will only be able to track their progress.

Your username is the first letter of your first name and the first five letters of your last name. Example: John Smith = jsmith

Password is the generic: student

As parents of our new students, you will be emailed a link to reset your password for access to Skyward. Your username is the first letter of your first name and the first five letters of your last name. Example: John Smith = jsmith

Password is the generic: parent

To access Skyward, go to our website at and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the link Skyward (Family & Student). The link will take you to the login page for Great Lakes Bay Early College.

If you have not received your username for Skyward, please email Mrs. Kushion at

Great Lakes Bay Early College 1961 Delta Rd. University Center, MI 48710 (989) 686-9146