Southern Glamour Team Recognition

January 2016

Greetings Southern Glamour Gals -

Happy New Year! I am proud to say that it was our best December in the books yet!! You all make me so proud! I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for our team!!

Please read the email that this newsletter was sent with in order to ensure that January will be amazing for you!

Make sure you look below at the January extra hostess specials!! They are amazing and you can use those now to your advantage to book parties for this month!

Please get with me if you have any questions. I am just a text away!!

Let's make this the best January ever!!

-- Marcy

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Who Did What This Month??

Personal Volume Goals

Look who QUALIFIED this month ($500 PV or higher):

=> Lori Slott

=> Jessica Alvarez

=> Holly Witherwax

Look who POPPED this month ($1200 PV or higher):

=> Kacie Henkie

=> Stacye Wiese

Look who IGNITED this month ($2000 PV or higher):

=> Cara Schwartz

=> Marcy Pavlock

Top Personal Volume this month:

3. Kacie Henke => $1768.90

2. Cara Schwartz => $2126.60

1. Marcy Pavlock => $2461.90

Our entire group volume was......drum roll please..... $10,140.20!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of us!!!!

Consistency Bonus Goals

$500 Consistency Bonus (sold over $500 for 3 months = 5% raise in commissions):

=> Lori Slott

=> Cara Schwartz

=> Holly Witherwax

$1200 Consistency Bonus (sold over $1200 for 3 months = 7.5% raise in commissions):

=> Kacie Henke

=> Marcy Pavlock

Earning the Pacesetting Leader Bonus for Outfitter Leaders with $2000 in PV (10% raise in commissions)

=> Marcy Pavlock

Welcome to the Team!!

None this month -- let's start sharing the IO opportunity ladies!! :)

Team Goal for the Month

1. Becoming a Senior Outfitter Leader Team!!!! What does that take?

=> $10,000 group volume

=> 6 people qualifying in our level 1 team right underneath me and 2 of those people becoming Senior Outfitters this month! It is so doable! Offer the opportunity to everyone you know! Now is the time to show everyone how fun and profitable Initial Outfitters can be! Who are you going to share the opportunity with this month? this week? tomorrow? today?

Recruiting 4 new team members this month!! Start sharing this opportunity with everyone you know and at every party you do!!

Let's do this team!!!

Happy New Year 2016!! Let's make it the best yet!