Labor Unions

Fair work for fair pay

What Is a Labor Union?

A labor union is an organization of low wage earners that get together to keep and protect the interests of its members with respect to good wages and better working conditions.

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When did They First Come up?

Labor unions first officially emerged in the 1700’s. However, other forms of worker-helping organizations existed much earlier than that. As early as the 1500’s, some mutual aid societies were centered on a few specific trades and provided their members with health care, unemployment help, and funeral benefits.

The History of Labor Unions

Why Did They Come up Recently?

Terrible working conditions for in the 19th century led to worker strikes, which would usually leading to employers fighting back against the strikes by issuing injunctions, hiring private detectives and engaging in other tactics, whether violent or not violent.

What is Happening to Labor Unions Today?

An ongoing debate is whether labor unions are necessary in today's globalized economy. Proponents argue that labor unions are still needed to protect worker rights, which they think will be vulnerable without unions, while opponents say that labor unions are an anti competitive force in markets, and are not needed to help sustain today’s economy.