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Into fashion ?

We all know that Amazon is huge in
books, music and (now) plenty of other
products too...

But one market where it's lacking -
and this is one of the biggest markets
there is - is FASHION...

Look at the high street...

And you'll find a huge number of
retailers which are fashion-based.

Partly because people need to try stuff
on before buying it...

But also because it's such a huge, massive

Well, I've just been reading how Amazon have
launched a new section on their site called:

"Style for Less"

You can see what it's all about here:


It's only a small thing currently.

But are Amazon ultimately planning a move
into fashion? Quite possible. We'll see.


Onto my main point for the day.

You see, selling 'fashion' online has an
important 'problem'...something you may
have picked up on yourself.

People have to try it on before they buy
it...or at least they prefer to!

And if they don't try it on beforehand?

Then you end up with huge numbers of returns.

I buy clothes from Asos.com - an online clothes

Yet I return huge numbers of their products,
simply because they don't fit or 'look right'
once I get them!

The lesson is to be careful with fashion-type

This includes shoes, trainers and clothes.

This market is VAST.

No doubt there's serious mon-ee to be
made...especially going forward, as
more and more people shop online.

Yet this market is NOT one for beginners.

My advice:

If you want to sell 'fashion', stick to
hats, handbags, accessories and other 'stuff' that
isn't so prone to sizing issues.