Is it humane to copy and paste humans?

What is cloning?

Cloning is making carbon copies of other organisms. In the 1950s, scientists succeeded in cloning frogs.They took a cell from a tadpole, removed the cell’s nucleus—the part containing chromosomes and genes—and inserted it into a frog egg that had been stripped of its nucleus. The egg developed into an adult frog with the same genetic material as the tadpole that provided the nucleus. In 1997 Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut and his colleagues announced the creation of a cloned sheep named Dolly. In later years sheep, pigs, mice and even rabbits have been cloned.

The good and the bad

Cloning has its ups and downs. You can see it at any point of view. Cloning is a kind of device that if used correctly, we could use as an advantage in everything not only economically, but in government as well. Say if we have the best judge ever and is always fair why not make an exact copy of him/her so we can be more sound in that part of our country. But there are some bad things we could do as a country with cloning as well. If people were wealthy enough, they could use cloning to make thing like a cartel for drugs or make their own militia for gorilla wars and to make themselves over all more powerful and a bigger threat to every country.


Natural Clones

The human made clones

Clones can not only be made in the science lab, but can be born as well. Twins are natural clones. A set of twins have the same DNA because they were nurtured by the same egg and both made into two but the same exact embryo.

Final Thoughts

There are still some unanswerable questions in the science of cloning like would cloning human be useful or would it be our down fall but I believe that with the right people in control, that we could use it for the good of everyone and not for one persons power and self rule.

Is it humane to copy and paste humans?

I believe that cloning is humane if it is used correctly. If humans use cloning as a resource and not a weapon than we can have a humane and non-harmful way to used a technological advancement in the future of all of our nations.


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