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Welcome to the Sycamore Preschool Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each month.

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August 27: Curriculum Preview Night - 6pm to 7pm

September 2: Labor Day - no school!

September 5: Grandfriends' Day (11:00 for the AM classes) and (3:00 for the PM classes)

September 10: Fall Picture Day - Maple Dale

September 19: Fall Picture Day - Blue Ash

September 27: Professional Development Day - no school!

October 14: Teacher Records Day - no school!

October 21: AM Field Trip to Farm - NO PM classes

October 22: PM Field Trip to Farm - NO AM classes

Note from the Coordinator:

Welcome to preschool! We have had such a great start to the school year. We will have many adventures together as we learn about the world around us!

Please join us on August 27, 2019 from 6-7pm for our Curriculum Preview Night which will be held in your child's classroom. As many of you may have noticed, the Preschool Staff has been very busy setting up lots of different areas for the children to learn and play. Curriculum Preview is the perfect time to come into your child’s classroom to learn more about how we utilize the space and materials to promote growth for all students.

Friendly reminder...Please send your child to school in closed-toe shoes that they will be safe wearing on the playground. Our top priority is ensuring the safety of your child.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us. We are looking forward to watching them learn and grow this year!

Curriculum Preview

Join us in our classroom August 27th at 6:00 pm

Speech and Language Spotlight

We already know about Vocabulary:

A limited vocabulary is a hallmark of underdeveloped

language skills and a serious obstacle to

acquiring literacy and academic standards.

Plays a critical part in learning to read

• Helps students make sense of the words

they see by comparing them to the words

they have heard

• Is one of the 5 building blocks of reading

• Can be divided into four types

Vocabulary Demands on Students are Daunting

• 450,000 words in English- largest vocabulary of languages in use today

• Students must learn 3,000 words per year by 3rd grade.

• Only 400 words a year are directly taught by teachers.

• Academic demands are high

• However, everyday speech consists of only 5,000- 7,000 words.

• Conversation cannot make up the difference (Frey & Fisher, 2007).

7 Principles of Vocabulary Acquisition

1.Have a variety of rich experiences- and then talk about these events

2. Relate words to students’ lives

3. Establish word relationships

4. Develop depth of meaning

5. Provide frequent exposure

6. Create an interest in words

7. Use vocabulary acquisition tools independently

(Gunning, 2004)

Vocabulary is the CORE in the Core Curriculum. During the school year, you will receive

Vocabulary sheets for all our themed units and sound of the week activities. Please print these and talk about them with your child. To build expressive language skills, engage in conversation through open ended questions, reading together, and sharing experiences.

Here’s to a great year and Keep Talking!!! Mandy Conrad, SLP

Theme of the Month - All About Me 8/26 - 10/23

Essential Understanding: Understanding that I am a unique individual with abilities and skills, I can learn from my environment, I have a story to tell, and I can be a contributing member of a group.

Key Concepts and Skills:

  1. I am special and introduction to he 4 “B” Statements-Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be a Problem Solver we will use to support our school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention Supports program (PBIS)

  2. I can point to a picture or name family members, classmates, teachers, and bus drivers.

  3. I can identify/name 10 body parts.

  4. I can match body parts and senses.

  5. I can identify/name and demonstrate 5 emotions.

  6. I can name parts of their environments.

Thematic Read-Alouds:

I Like Me! Nancy Carlson

From Head to Toe, Eric Carle

I Went Walking, Sue Williams

Here Are My Hands, Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

Knuffle Bunny, Mo Willems

All By Myself, Aliki

My New Friend is So Fun, Mo Willems

The Way I Feel, Jannan Cain

The Way I Act, Janaan Cain

My Five Senses by Aliki

Owl Babies Martin Waddell

Theme Vocabulary

Sound of the Week

We will use the descriptions created in the LiPS Program by Patricia and Phyllis Lindamood. The sounds presented follow a sequence from the front of the mouth to the back of the throat. They also mirror how articulation develops in young children, they develop the sounds they can see on their parents’ lips first as these are the easiest to produce. In January, 2020 we will focus on a single sound each week.

Schedule by Week:

August 26: Lip Poppers (P,B)

September 3: Tip Tappers (T, D)

September 9: Nose Sounds (M, N)

September 16: Tongue Scrapers (K, G)

September 23: Lip Coolers (F, V)

September 30: Wind Sounds (W, H)

Activities for Extension at Home:

  • Listening Walk! Close your eyes and talk about what do you hear? Learning letter sounds, rhyming, alliteration, and reading start with being able to hear and identify different environmental sounds!

  • Review the sound of the week vocabulary with your child.

  • Make a Sound Book or Sound Page with each page dedicated to a set of sounds. Google images with your child, cut out pictures from magazines, or cut up the sound of the week vocabulary sheet and glue them on the designated page. Targeting each initial sound as you glue it on. Try expanding their vocabulary with each picture. For example: This is a ball. What shape is a ball? It looks similar to a… Open ended questions helps to elicit varied responses!

Family Connections

Week 1

Parent connection: I am Special

Each of us has a special gift that makes us unique. Help your child find that special gift this week. Do they bring happiness to your family? Do they always have a smile that lights up the room? Are they kind? As a family draw a picture of each family member and come up with what makes each of you special. Each person’s uniqueness is what makes your family so very special. Celebrate your family this week!

Week 2

Parent connection: Relationships

This week take a moment to build a special memory with your child. Do an art activity, share a story under the covers with a flashlight, have a tea party, or play a silly game. Relationships at home and at school are what bring meaning to our lives. This Thursday we create a special memory with our loved one for grandparent day. Let our school day be the beginning of a fun filled day filled with lots of memories. After school, go on a walk or a short trip to the park. Grandparents share beautiful relationships with our children.

Week 3

Parent Connection: Body Parts

Parent Connection: This week play a game with your child trying to name 10 body parts. Use baby dolls, stuffed animals, siblings, and other family members to add some excitement.

Week 4

Parent Connection: The Senses

Take an old pillowcase and fill it with familiar objects. Without peeking, have your child reach in and try to guess one object inside using their sense of touch. Take turns until all of the objects have been guessed. Enjoy your special time with your child.

Week 5

Parent Connection: Emotions

Take a mirror this week and make faces in the mirror with your child. Make a happy face, an angry face, a silly face, an excited face, and any other emotion your child is excited about. Talk with your child about how their body feels when they have that emotion. Ask your child when they feel happy, sad, angry, and excited.

Week 6

Parent Connection: Environment

This week find sometime to cuddle up and look at family photo albums together with your child. Talk about the experiences, who you are with, and where you are in the photo. Make a list of your favorite places to visit and your favorite people.

A Few Family Friendly Area Attractions

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County:

Symmes Township Branch Library

Blue Ash Branch Library

Parks and Area Attractions:

Great Parks of Hamilton County greatparks.org

Summit Park www.summitparkblueash.com

Parks in the City of Montgomery https://www.montgomeryohio.org

Parks within Symmes Township https://www.symmestownship.org

Cincinnati Nature Center https://www.cincynature.org

Krohn Conservatory https://www.cincinnatiparks.com › krohn

Kings Island Amusement and Waterpark https://www.visitkingsisland.com

Coney Island Amusement and Waterpark https://coneyislandpark.com

Smale Riverfront Park https://www.cincinnatiparks.com › river-parks › smale-riverfront-park

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens cincinnatizoo.org

Cincinnati Museum Center https://www.cincymuseum.org

Newport Aquarium https://www.newportaquarium.com

Parky’s Farm https://www.greatparks.org › parks › winton-woods › parkys-farm

Gorman Heritage Farm gormanfarm.org

Shaw Farm https://www.shawfarms.com

Burger Farm and Garden Center https://burgerfarms.com

Blooms and Berries https://www.bloomsandberries.com

CIncinnati Children’s Theater https://www.thechildrenstheatre.com

Cincinnati Ballet Family Series https://www.cballet.org/family-series/

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