Nuclear Engineering

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Career Details

Duties/ Responsibility

Breaking down sub-atomic particles to create energy used to power homes and technology. Controlling the release of energy in nuclear reactors. Finding a stable material that will with stand the release of energy from Fusion which is combing to similar atoms to create energy. Also nuclear engineers have to protect civilians from the radiation and nuclear waste.

Average Hours/Working Schedule

A slandered 40 hour week is typical, but as deadlines approche a nuclear engineer might be forced to work more.

Working Location

Nuclear Engineers can specilize in creating technology that use nuclear energy as power like: navel vessels and spacecrafts. Some work in nuclear reactors controlling the energy released from fusion. Most of the states have nuclear engineering highest paid ones are, California, District of Colombia, Idaho, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Salary/ Potential Wage

Average hour salary: $48.04

Average year salary: $99.220

Potential wage for a nuclear engineer is $166,400

A Nuclear engineer NEEDS a 4 year Bechler Degree in order to work in the field

Skills Required

A nuclear engineer needs to have analytics thinking skills, detail oriented, logical thinking skills, and be good in math specifically calculus and trigonometry. A nuclear engineer needs to be a good team worker and react to problems quickly.

Job outlook

Employment for nuclear engineering is expected to grow 10 percent in the next 10 years. Bureau of Labor Statistics are expecting the industry to expend since there is a higher demand for nuclear power plants.

Related Jobs

Some jobs that relate to nuclear engineering: civil engineer, electrical engineer, health and safety engineer, mechanical engineer, and physicists.

Universitys that allow to study nuclear engineering

University of Illinois at Champaign

Purdue University

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Texas A&M