GaVS Japanese I

Frayer-sensei News Letter #7, Oct 28, 2016

Course updates

Please check your schedules and make sure you have completed assignments from 10/14/2016 through 10/27/2016. After the deadline, assignments that are missing have a zero inserted in the gradebook. Please submit the assignments that are missing asap. Penalties begin on 10/28/2016.

GaVS WL Speaking Event and Haiku Contest

WL Speaking Event registration deadline is Oct 31. Haiku contest deadline is Oct 28. Please make sure to check the news items under the course homepage to register and participate in the contests!

Origami Overview

Origami is a traditional Japanese pastime where a single square of paper is folded in different ways to create shapes like cute animals and beautiful plants. Since it only takes a sheet of paper, the hobby can easily be enjoyed anywhere; many people in Japan enjoy it at home and at school. The best known origami shape, which many children learn from their parents or grandparents, is the crane. Other shapes include flowers, butterflies, crabs, and even difficult creations like Christmas trees.

Thoudand Paper Cranes

The folded paper crane is a well-known origami figure. Probably everybody in Japan has made at least one. According to Japanese tradition, one way to pray for good health is by folding a thousand origami cranes. Sometimes if a person is very sick, his or her friends will work together to fold a thousand cranes and string them on thread into long chains, which they take to the sick friend. Chains of a thousand paper cranes ease pain and sadness and bring hope to people who see them.

Let's make Origami!

Try making an origami piece yourself. The following examples explain how to make well-known origami figures that people have been making for a long time.