Team 9 Update

January 21-25

Welcome to the Team 9 Update Newsletter!

At JCMS, we know that helping our students achieve success is a group effort. We appreciate all the family support that helps us help our students. In an effort to create a bridge between home and school, Team 9 will be using Smore to create newsletters to keep you informed of team happenings, school events, policies, and news of interest.

Team 9 Core Classes

Language Arts

US History


Students will be working on solving inequalities this week. See your student's weekly progress report for details on their current grade. Remember to check Schoology if you are absent. All notes, assignments, warm ups, and extra help videos/practices/tutorials are available daily.

Contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Tutoring Times:

Tue- lunch

Wed- 7:15AM

Thur- lunch

Fri- CAT and PACK


Hello All! This week in science we jumped into studying all about cells. Students are currently learning about how a cell functions by trying to creatively model cell function. Rather than filling a bowl with candy to model the cell though, students will be thinking about how real life jobs and objects represent different cell parts. For example, a principal is a good model of the nucleus in a cell because she runs a school, just like the nucleus runs a cell.

There is one grade in the gradebook, it is an exit ticket that we did over organelles on Thursday, if your child is missing that, there is a good chance that they just forgot to put their name on it, I have a rather large stack of no- names. We can check when they get back to school on Monday. Have a great weekend!