Hitter's Workshop - The Right Path

With Coach and Former player/Pro Player Ashley Thomas

Hitter's Workshop is Coming Soon!

Learn about all of the skills that can help you become a better hitter (baseball or softball) - Mindset, Vision, Timing, Mechanics, and Power. You'll receive pre-workshop material and post-workshop material - video and instruction. You'll get all of this in an hour, and get 30 minutes of core/power work - a total of 1.5 hours of solid, intelligent work on your hitting. This workshop if for males and females.

What the 1.5 hours looks like:

8AM - Hitting with Jeremy

8:30AM - Power work

9AM - Hitting with Ashley

(Athlete A starts at 8AM and finishes at 9:30AM, Athlete B could start with Jeremy at 8:30AM and end with Ashley at 10AM, Athlete C would start at 9, etc.)

If interested in more details - please email jeremygreenway24@hotmail.com