Sustainability at St. Mary's

January 2015

A New Semester!

The Sustainability Office has been busy getting projects started for the Spring semester, and we're excited to get you involved!

Read below about some of the projects that have already been implemented.

LIFE Job Fair

Wednesday, Feb. 11th, 4-6pm


Sponsored by the Career Center, Office of Student Activities, and our Office, this Job and Internship fair will include many environmentally focused organizations and companies.

Snow date: April 2nd

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The Compost Fairies are back!

Compost collection is back in action! The sustainability interns will be picking up compost from buckets in all the dorms, WC, townhouses, the White House, and Alumni House Tuesdays at 4pm!

The compost is transported to the campus farm and will eventually become rich and nutritious soil that will help grow produce for the great room and our community!

You can compost anything that grows organically, which means:

- Fruits and vegetables

- Tea bags (without the staples)

- Eggshells (no egg yolks or whites)

- Bread

- Nuts/Nut shells

Avoid things like:

- Meat

- Trash/Recycling

- Oils/Sauces

- Eggs whites/yolks (egg shells are compostable)

- Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc)

Composting is easy, helps reduce your carbon footprint, and helps out the farm! Questions about what to compost or where to compost? Contact us!

ENST450: Classroom Projects Benefit Campus Life

Last semester, with the addition of full-time Environmental Studies faculty, Dr. Barry Muchnick, St. Mary's piloted a Sustainability Practicum. Students were able to complete independent projects in an area of sustainability on campus, including food waste, orientation weekend nature tours, electronics waste, and more.

Look out for even more sustainability projects this semester as the class continues onto its second semester!

Pictured: A student discusses his ENST450 project, recycling cigarette butts, with professor, Dr. Barry Muchnick. Students were required to present a poster on their project's scope and results.

Green Cup is Coming!

GREEN CUP 2015 is coming to campus April 5th - 25th, as part of the Campus Conservation Nationals. This year, residences will be grouped in three separate competitions:

  • LQ vs. WC 1-12/50-63 vs. WC 13-25 vs. WC 26-49
  • Calvert vs. Caroline vs. Dorchester vs. Queen Anne vs. Prince George
  • Crescents vs. Trueschler, Morsell, Maggie Dodge vs. Homer Dodge, Boone, Harrington

To crown three winners of Green Cup, based on percentage reduction per student, based on baseline/student data collected last April. More information coming soon, so stay tuned!

Want to help in the planning process? Email

Arbor Week

Monday, March 30th, 12am to Saturday, April 4th, 12am

St. Mary's College of Maryland

A week to celebrate and learn more about human impacts on the natural environment, the St. Mary's impact, and to appreciate the nature around us.

Look out for more info on lectures, service events, and more from the Sustainability Office!

Ways to Get Involved

There are multiple ways you can get involved throughout the semester with the Sustainability Office:

  • Volunteer with the Sustainability Office interns to collect compost around campus and make compost piles with the Campus Farm.
  • Come up with a GSMRF Proposal! (We can help!)
  • Volunteer this semester to create a rain garden near Margaret Brent (details coming soon!)
  • Attend our movie nights, Arbor Week, and other events throughout the semester!
  • Help plan Green Cup 2015! (Email for details)

Contact Us

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Contact our Sustainability Fellow, Shelby Kalm, or talk to any of our interns, Kate, Eva, or Gabby.