EL Resource @ Goodrich School

September 16, 2016

Today is Mexican Independence Day! Did you know that Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th through October 15th? I've included some links to resources in this smore. Why is it important? Recognizing and celebrating cultural differences exposes all students to a global perspective. Its promotes a learning environment that is culturally responsive and accepting. (I will gladly help you plan a lesson).

EL Services - I have emailed my schedule to classroom teachers. Please look over and let me know if I need to make any changes. I tried to accommodate everyone's schedules (which is no easy task!).

Positive Phone calls: The offer still stands if you want me to interpret for you when you call parents.

Last week I mentioned using the Google Voice app to contact our parents who don't speak English. Well, I realized it also comes in handy when contacting some of the parents who are a little harder to reach, too. I'll show you how to download the app and use it during our collaborations this week. It is pretty cool!

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Violeta R. Gamez, EdS

EL Teacher - Goodrich Elementary

"Increasing vocabulary is an accomplishment. Celebrate mastery of every word!” – Marilee Sprenger in Education week Teacher