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Strong Start Steps to Success

Welcome! We at GCA want you to have the tools you need to be successful in our virtual schooling environment. Strong Start is our on-boarding program which begins your orientation to our school.

Follow the steps below to Start Strong for the 2018-2019 School Year at Georgia Cyber Academy.

Step 1: Get Started

1. Set Up Your Accounts

In order for your student to begin school, you will need to set up your Online School (OLS) accounts via your computer - one for yourself and the other for your student.

​Setting up these accounts is important for a successful school year.

Watch the video tutorial
View account set up instructions.

2. Install Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Launcher provides access to Class Connect. Class Connect is an online classroom where teachers can provide real time instruction to students. In order for your student to participate in Class Connect and for you to participate in Learning Coach sessions, you will need to install Blackboard Collaborate Launcher on your computer.

View Blackboard Collaborate Launcher instructions.

  • Configuration Rooms 1 & 2 are only to test your setup of Blackboard Collaborate. There are no presenters in those rooms. All sessions and classes must be accessed through the Online School (OLS).
  • Class Connects and Blackboard Collaborate Sessions cannot be accessed via a phone or tablet. Please make sure you install Blackboard Collaborate on your computer.

If you already have Blackboard Collaborate installed on your computer, you can skip this step.

3. Install Office 365

Students have access to Office 365 which can be used for computers or mobile devices. The Office 365 suite includes Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

Watch the video tutorial

NOTE: If you already have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, it is not necessary to download the Office 365 desktop application suite. Please continue to use the Microsoft Office program already installed to mitigate any software compatibility issues.

Step 2: Get Connected

Phone and Email Contact

GCA families receive continued support from a Family Success Liaison (FSL). You can expect to receive a personal phone call and follow-up email from your FSL prior to your school start date.

To receive these important communications, please make sure your contact information is up to date in your Learning Coach account in the Online School (OLS).

Watch the video tutorial
View instructions

Change in Address or Learning Coach Name?

If you need to change your address, Legal Guardian, Learning Coach (change or addition), or student name, please follow instructions on the Student Contact Information Changes form [PDF].

Step 3: Learning Coach Prep Academy

1. Prep Academy Training Videos

Your role as a Learning Coach is essential to the success of your student. Learning Coach Prep Academy will provide you with a basic understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Learning Coach.

To ensure you receive the necessary information to be a successful Learning Coach, begin by watching the six training videos below.

Video 1: GCA Overview

  • Mission & Vision
  • Online School at GCA
  • GA Milestones Requirements
  • Our Staff
  • Family Engagement
  • Internet & Computer System Requirements

View Recommended Browsers
View K12 Computer Technical Requirements

Video 2: Learning Coach & Student Success


Video 3: Class Connects & Blackboard Collaborate

  • What is Class Connect?
  • Navigating Blackboard Collaborate

View Blackboard Collaborate Launcher instructions.


Video 4.1: Elementary School Navigation

Online Elementary School Navigation

  • Logging Into the Online School (OLS)
  • Learning Coach Landing Page
  • Online School Home Page
  • Monthly Instructional Calendar
  • How to Access Lessons
  • How to Check Progress

Video 4.2: Middle and High School Navigation


Video 5: ​Attendance

View more information about Attendance

2. Orientation Sessions

The purpose of Orientation Sessions are to welcome you to our school and to make sure you have the necessary tools for being a successful Learning Coach. During these live session, you will have an opportunity to interact with your Family Success Liaison and other Learning Coaches. These sessions will strengthen your understanding of how to be a successful Learning Coach.

Orientation Sessions will be held in a Blackboard Collaborate classroom which you will access from your Online School account on your computer. Before you attend this session, please make sure you have installed Blackboard Collaborate on your computer.

You will attend three sessions:

  1. New Family Orientation
  2. ​Learning Coach Orientation
  3. Supports & Policies Orientation

You will receive the session schedule from your Family Success Liaison. If you have any questions, please contact your Family Success Liaison.

How to Access Live Orientation Sessions


Step 4: Supports & Policies

3. Community

You are not alone. Being a family in a state-wide school means you have access to an active and vibrant community. There are many avenues for you to get engaged, get involved, and get connected.

Attend an Event

Find an event near you! All over the state we have events that are planned by our school, our , teachers, and our parent leaders. You can find those opportunities to meet other GCA families in your area or other areas of the state by visiting our GCA Events Calendar.

Join GCA's Vibrant Community

One of the ways GCA Learning Coaches can communicate with each other is via closed Facebook groups which are organized and managed by our parent organization, the GCA PTSO. Joining these groups will get you connected with other GCA Learning Coaches who can help you can get answers to questions, find information about parent-led events, find out what's going on in your community, and build relationships with other GCA families.

Regional parent leaders are actively involved in planning student outings in their own Georgia region. They are passionate about helping new or struggling Learning Coaches to be the best they can be! Regional communication and activities for students and parents/learning coaches can be found in the region's Facebook group or by contacting the regional parent leaders via email.

You can find out more information about which region you live, links to these valuable Facebook groups, and parent leader email addresses on our Regional Contacts page.

4. Meet your Family Engagement Team

Family Engagement Coordinators (FECs) are liaisons between the teachers, staff, and the community as a whole; working with all departments at GCA to provide the best support to Learning Coaches in order to meet high academic standards as a part of the GCA Parent and Family Engagement Policy. The vision for Family Engagement is to facilitate all parents and Learning Coaches toward becoming active partners in the education of their child, to feel supported and empowered by GCA staff, and to be connected to other GCA families and the GCA community as a whole in order to guide their child toward academic success.

5. Do you have questions?

We have answers! Contact your Family Success Liaison with any questions you have.


​Attend a Learning Coach Live Help Session:
Tues-Thurs 2:00-3:00 pm

Strong Start Steps to Success