Merryhill School

Afterschool Enrichment Programs

Club DIY - Mondays

Household arts is an enrichment class that will offer cooking, sewing, craft projects, and more. The class is $40/month.

Dance - Mondays

Our dance classes are taught by Stretch 'n Grow. The cost is $40/month.

Piano - Mondays and Wednesdays

Students will receive instruction on playing the piano and reading music. Classes are done either in a small group or private individual lessons. The cost is $60/month for group lessons or $100/month for private lessons.

Woodworking Class - Tuesdays

Woodworking class offers students the opportunity to build and create using wood, nails, paint, and other household tools. The class is $40/month.

Theater Arts - Wednesdays

As students prepare for our spring musical, as well as other theatrical productions, they will work on stage presence, voice enunciation and projection, and stage preparations. The cost is $20/month.

Gymnastics - Wednesdays

Our gymnastics classes are taught by Stretch 'n Grow. The cost is $40/month.

Basketball - Mondays / Volleyball - Thursdays

We will be doing volleyball and basketball classes in which students will learn the fundamentals of the game and rules, as well as sportsmanship that comes from playing together on a team. The cost is $40/month.

STEAM - Thursdays

Students will experience robotics, coding, and STEAM activities through science and technology exploration. The cost is $40/month.


Cheryl Jetton comes to our school for private tutoring to help students individually find academic success. Rates are individual based on time needed. This can be scheduled by contacting Cheryl directly at either (817)874-2930 or