Lexington and Concord

By: Zoe and Nicole

Important people in the Battle

Why This Battle Was Important

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was very important. It was the battle that marked the start of the Revolutionary War. It started with a shot known as 'the shot heard around the world"

The battle at Concord

When the British got to Concord they searched for weapons. They weren't able to find any because, the women of Concord had hidden them all if fields and barns around the town. The Patriots from nearby towns had came to Concord. They outnumbered the British. After a brief battle at North Bridge in Concord, the British retreated.

What happened

The British won the battle at Lexington, but in Concord the patriots won. On the way back to Boston, the British were still being fired at. By the time they reached Boston they had suffered heavy losses. About 250 had been wounded or dead. The Patriots only had about 50 dead and 40 wounded.

Other Facts

Paul Revere did not shout "The British are coming!" This would have confused many people as some still considered themselves British.