VCR Lesson 3

By: Ritvik Bodducherla

Fill in the Blank

There must always be a leader or else __________ will prevail.
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Anarchy (Noun)

1.) Absence of any form of government or political authority; lawlessness.

2.) Disorder and confusion

Sample Sentences

  • Even the police are afraid of the underground city, where anarchy prevails and laws are not followed.
  • The young hikers fell into a state of anarchy when their guide went missing.


  • An (Greek): Without
  • Arkhos (Greek): Ruler


  • Disorganization
  • Chaos
  • Hostility
  • Unrest


  • Peace
  • Lawfulness

Additional Information

  • Usually, the first definition of anarchy, lack of government, will lead to the second, disorder and confusion. Thus, anarchy can directly mean disorder or confusion. For example, the country may have anarchy (an absence of government), but it also maybe in a state of anarchy (confusion).

Exercise: Circle the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a) When the king was overthrown, the country fell into a state of anarchy.

b) Tom anarchized the life of the mouse, Jerry.

c) Jerry caused anarchy in Tom's life.

d) There was a temporary state of anarchy when there was a fire in the school.

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Answer: B

Anarchy cannot be used as a verb