By Mateo Gonzalez

My Story

One night, my mom told me that we are going to have a blizzard tomorrow.I was hoping it would snow so we wouldn't have school in the morning. My mom woke me up and she said that school had been cancelled! We don't have school!

Right after she told me that I,got up and played video games for 3 hours.After I played video games,I watched some movies and played tackle football with my friends in the snow.We played in the middle of the street because there were no cars anywhere.

Then it got dark so we went inside. Inside I played Wii,X-Box 360, and played Ipod.On Wii I played Call of Duty: MW3 and new Super Mario Brothers. On the X-Box I played Minecraft,Assassin"s Creed, and Call of Duty

: Black Ops 2, on Black Ops 2 I played zombie mode with my friends on X-Box. On my Ipod I watched YouTube.

Then, I thought how much fun today was.