Tubbataha Reef Natural Park

Found in: Philippines , in the middle of sulu sea. 1993

What visitors see/do/experience at the site ?

Visitors can see

  1. 600 species
  2. 360 coral species
  3. 11 shark species
  4. 13 dolphin
  5. whale species
  6. 100 bird species

And the reef also service as a nesting ground for Hawksbill and Green sea turtle. Seasoned sports divers world wide are keen on the diving possibilities at the Tubbataha Reef, and many come to explore the reef's impressive coral walls. These walls separate the shallow waters surrounding the reef from the deeper waters farther out, and they are teeming with numerous colonies of fish.Divers make up the bulk of the visitors to the Tubbataha National Marine Park, which is best visited between mid-March and mid-June. This is when the water conditions are most ideal for Tubbataha Reef diving.

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Tubbataha - A World Heritage Site