Hydroelectricity For The School


The Product and Where it happens

  • It will take place in school
  • This will help the electricity used in school and reduce it
  • The turbine we buy will run on water
  • The energy will automatically be emitted under the pipe lines.
  • The power cable will be cemented to the wall so the water doesn't leak.
  • The adapter will spread the energy to the other places.

Who will install product and what diplomas they need ?

  • Well for our project you can call a handyman can fix it but you can do it yourself because you just need to screw on the turbines of the tap and add support. I don't think that we need any specific degree for this because you just need to install the turbine. But you need the electrical engineer to lead to the wires to the power cell to distribute.

Cost to implement VS Savings

  • Compared 2 items
  • Both had half inch pipes
  • Cost of 1stitem was $13.99
  • Cost of 2nd Item $7.75
  • From aliexpress
  • 45% off already
  • Free shipping
  • 2nd item was actually $15
  • Both were in mint condition
  • Chose 1st item because had better pricing, and quality
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Pros and Cons


  • Lower energy costs
  • You can use a small generator that costs about $13 to $15.
  • You can use water you would waste otherwise to conserve energy.
  • It may be inconvenient depending on what your needs are since nothing is perfect.
  • May be difficult to connect to pipe system for use.
  • Cost a lot for connection to pipe system.
  • Needs adaptor
Renewable Energy 101: Hydropower


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