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by Catelyn

Responsible means a lot of things, but I only have a few. Responsible means that you do what you are supposed to do. Responsible means that you're kind to others. Responsible means to listen to one another. But responsible can also mean to help out someone. Do you know the saying that goes "I am responsible!"? Well, that could mean all these things, and more. Now you might say it does not mean that, but this is what I think it means.

The Macy's Day Parade

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by Aditi and Christina

Tony Frederick Sarg was a little boy when he played with marionettes like any other boy would, but there was something unique about him. By playing with the puppets he found out how to make pulleys which then allowed him to make a new invention.

After he grew up, he moved to London to sell marionettes, but he soon discovered that no stores sold them. He began selling them on the road. When Macy's employees heard about his great success in sales they told him to put one of them in their showcase. Soon everybody was filled with "oohs" and "aahs".

Since everybody liked them, they decided to make a balloon version. It was huge, but Tony wanted it to be bigger, so he ordered a bigger one, and then an even bigger one until they finally liked the size. They finished around Thanksgiving so they decided that it should be displayed for the holiday. The day came and they had gigantic balloons of fun animals. After the parade was over, Tony still felt like something was missing, so for the next year's parade he started to think about what to do. He kept on thinking until one day he thought about his childhood and it hit him. He could make it a better sight by making the balloons move, but how? When he was a boy he moved his puppets from the top by string. If he moved the string from the top, then he'd need lots of helium and a strong string so that wouldn't work. After a few days of hard thinking he got it! Some men could move the string from below the balloon to look like it was moving. It was the second year now and the day came. When the parade started and the balloons moved, the audience was amazed! It was a huge success.

The Macy's Day Parade still goes on in New York City on Fifth and Thirty First Avenue at 9:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

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Abraham Lincoln

by Kim

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves? That’s right! Without Abraham Lincoln, there would still be slaves! He was the 16th president, and his face is on Mount Rushmore with the other forefathers. He was the president during the Civil War of 1812.

Fun Fact: people called him “Honest Abe” because he is so honest!

He also went to school for less than a year! Isn’t he lucky? He learned to read and write even though he didn’t go to school that much. He studied law books and became a lawyer. In 1846, he was elected to the U.S. Congress. And in 1861, he became president! Whoohoo! Civil War ended. And to celebrate, he went to Ford’s Theater and during the play, John Wilkes Booth, an actor, shot Abraham Lincoln in the head. He died the next morning. Vice president Andrew Johnson became president.

Fun fact: he was the tallest president!

And BAM! That is the story of Abraham Lincoln.

Advice Column

by Advice Wizard

Dear Advice Wizard,

Help! I am being bullied. I have tried to tell a teacher, but the kids won’t stop! I have lost all confidence.

Dear Being Bullied,

I know that adults always say to ignore them until they stop, but sometimes that just doesn’t work. I suggest you should stand up for yourself and tell that bully off. Make sure you tell her to leave you alone and she will back off. I have been bullied before and let me tell you it’s not fun. If the bully doesn’t leave you alone talk to a adult about your problems. Good luck!

From your friend,

The Advice Wizard


Dear Advice wizard,

Help! I need advice! I’m not getting along with my friends. What should I do?

Dear Friends?,

I understand that you are having friend problems, and I so know what you are going through. I had the exact same problem. The thing I suggest is to prove that you are a good friend and stay strong. No one can resist a good friend that will help them through the tough times. I know that you can do it, so keep your head high and you will prevail.

From your friend,

The Advice Wizard


Dear Advice Wizard,

What should I do when my little sister wears my clothes without asking?

Dear Frustrated Fourth Grader,

I suggest for you to get a combination lock for your door so your sister can’t get in when you don’t want her to. If you share a room with her then you should find a way to lock your drawer or convince your parents to get your own room or at least your own closet. Good luck!

From your friend,

The Advice Wizard

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