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Newsletter #2: How we Express Ourselves

UOI 5: How we Express Ourselves

Transdisciplinary Theme:

An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Overall Exhibition Central idea:

Self expression is a powerful tool that can help us create a more just world.

Key concepts: Determined by each exhibition group

Lines of inquiry: Determined by each exhibition group.

Our Learning So Far


Dear Parents,


With less than two weeks to go before the PYP Exhibition, students have been extremely busy working on their research projects. Things got off to a slow start for most groups as students learned the important skills of how to write a central idea and lines of inquiry, how to choose key concepts, create guiding research questions and choose transdisciplinary skills for the unit. Students have been also working on reviewing and learning note-taking skills, paraphrasing, citing sources and how to create a bibliography. They have been researching and reading multiple primary and secondary sources and have written digital notes in their Exhibition Google Drive folder.

Students have also been using various types of technologies to plan and carry out the research project. This week, students also started planning the action component of Exhibition. All groups have chosen one or two ideas to take action on their passion issue. Students have been frantically planning Launchgood campaigns, creating websites to raise awareness as well as toy drives. book drives, Ramadhan projects etc. To find out more about the 5th/6th grade's Exhibition project, please mark the date and make sure to come out on May 14th, Insha Allah.

This month, we also continued with the read-aloud Refugee by Alan Gratz and explored what it means to be a refugee moving to America by reading a Scholastic News article about a Syrian refugee family who moved to Silver Spring, MD.

In writing, students have been working on creating research notes as well as planning and organizing informative and persuasive writing. Students learned about the use of claim and evidence when writing persuasively, and practiced using the PEEL (point, evidence, explanation, link) strategy to write persuasive paragraphs.

This upcoming week, students will finalize their research, create written informative/persuasive products and create their visual display. I anticipate this week to be tiring and stressful for both students, teachers and mentors. Please encourage your child to always do their best. To allow students more time to work on their projects, we will be having another workday on Friday, May 11th from 1.00 p.m.- 4 p.m.


5th Grade

Students have been working well to complete Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions.

Students have been working on the following standards:

  • use order of operations to evaluate expressions.
  • create and solve fraction word problems.
  • multiply a fraction or a whole number by a fraction.
  • solve multi-step word problems using tape diagrams.
  • relate decimal and fraction multiplication.

All groups are on track to complete the module by the end of the unit, Insha Allah.

6th Grade Standards:

Over the past few weeks, we have finished Module 3 - Rational Numbers. Students finished Topic B and Topic C which covered the following:

  • Ordering and comparing integers and other rational numbers
  • Writing inequality statements involving rational numbers
  • Absolute value, Magnitude and Distance
  • Relationship between Absolute value and ordering rational numbers
  • Ordered Pairs and locating them on a coordinate plane
  • Symmetry and calculating distance on a coordinate plane
  • Problem solving in a coordinate plane

We will finish the Module on Monday, May 7 with an end of module assessment and then start on Module 4 - Expressions and Equations. In Topic A, students understand the relationships of operations and use them to generate equivalent expressions. By this time, students have had ample experience with the four operations since they have worked with them from KG through Grade 5. The topic opens with the opportunity to clarify those relationships, providing students with the knowledge to build and evaluate identities that are important for solving equations. In this topic, students discover and work with the following identities: w-x+x = w, w+x-x=w, 3x=x+x+x. Students also discover that if 12 divided by x equals 4, then 12-x-x-x-x=0.



  • Students have been working on the Exhibition, translating it to Arabic and practicing present it. They have done a great job Ma Shaa Allah.
  • Students are working also on the yearbook. Each student is writing his own book.
  • We went through all the grammars they have learned this year so they can form the sentences without grammar mistakes and using the correct tenses.


  • Students have learned the verses 183-185 Surat Al-Baqarah which is about the month of Ramadan and the rules of fasting and how we do the correct fasting. They also have been memorizing these verses.

Islamic Studies:

  • Students have been showing their excitement about Ramadan and their intention to fast the whole month In Shaa Allah, they learned about the rules of Ramadan and when the people have a permission to not fast, and how they make up these days. Also, We held a day of fasting, and it was really beneficial to my students. They were able to practice one day of fasting and how we should spend our time during the day of fasting.
  • We also held a day of fasting, and it was really beneficial to my students. They were able to practice one day of fasting and how we should spend our time during the day of fasting.
  • Students have learned about the Hijab and why Allah (SWT) did make it mandatory on the Muslim Women's. And the conditions of the correct Hijab.
  • We started learning the conquest of Macca and we will go through the Battle of Hunaien and the March to Tabuk In Shaa Allah.
  • The most interesting part is when students are looking to what the Qur'an and Sunnah say about the topics they are working on it in the exhibition, they try to look at it from the Islamic perspective and collect these verses and Hadith to include it in the presentation.
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Visual Art

Students are continuing to work hard on their ideas for Exhibition presentations, and will be meeting on Friday May 4th and Friday May 11th to put some extra time in to finish them properly! If you’d like to volunteer to help us paint, build, and assemble our props, please come join us! :) We are looking forward to sharing our work with you all at our final Exhibition presentation on Tuesday, May 15th!

Important Announcements and Reminders


Students are expected to work on Exhibition for homework DAILY. Students need to figure out what stage they are on and complete some of the tasks at home.

Although we have Exhibition to work on, students still have daily math homework. It is imperative that students keep on track with their deadlines and items due. With just over one week left before Exhibition, students need to work harder.

Learner Profile of the Month

This month, our Learner Profile is Risk-Taker. This LP fits in so well with Exhibition!

Please encourage your child to keep track of their passport and fill it in regularly.

All passports are due by Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Don't forget, the House that turns in >20 passports will be awarded 50 house points.

IB PYP Exhibition

Tuesday, May 15th, 6pm

6785 Business Parkway

Elkridge, MD

PDD: No School for Students

Saturday, May 19th, 8am

6785 Business Parkway

Elkridge, MD

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