Two games


Launch of the games

Thursday, April 25th, 9am

Monkseaton Dr

Whitley Bay

First game (platform game)

This game is aimed for boys and girls age aged around eight years old. In this game you will have to collect the coins on one platform to get to the next. There is and invisible door that blocks off all the platforms until you get the right amount of coins. You have to watch out for the apples, they will end your game straight away. To win the game you have to collect the star! Good luck!

Free to download!

Second game (Maze)

In this game you will play a robot. You have to move around and find your way to the star, which will win you the game. There are lots of dead ends and different ways you could go. You have to collect all 5 coins to unlock the way to the star, they are all hidden around the maze.