The Godess Times

By: Kailee and Jamie P

How the Trojan war really started

The way the Trojan war started was when a beauty pagent started between the goddesses Eris, Venus, and Minerva. When they started Eris ran away she came across a golden apple and carved to the fairest into it. She ran to Paris and got Venus and Minerva to come with. She handed the apple to Paris and said “Give this to the prettiest one of us. Paris couldn’t decide so all of the girls tried to bribe him.Venus & Minervas bribes were promising but Eris’s won by far.She promised Paris the love of his life, Helen. Now Helen was already married but Eris had a plan to kidnap her then cast a spell to make her fall in love with Paris. She did just that and Paris took Helen and ran away. Helens father was furious he begged and pleaded for her back peacefully, but then Paris and Helen refused so did everyone else that helped them get away. The only way to get Helen back was to fight for her.

A interview with Minerva

Hi I’m here to interview you!

Ok go ahead

So I heard that it was you who started the Trojan War. Do you have anything to say about that rumor?

Well thats pretty much true.

Interesting..... How did that happen? I heard that it was when Paris found a golden apple, he would give it to the prettiest girl and that would be Eris. And when she promised Paris a girl, she took Helen and thats how the war started because of her.

Well thats not how it happened at all. It all started when I entered a beauty pagent against the other goddess's, Venus and Eris. Eris wandered off frightened of the compition because we all know that I would have won and then she came across a golden apple and she carved the words “To my fairest” into it and went to Paris. He had to pick the prettiest girl out of Venus Eris and I. We all tried to bribe him into saying our name, but i guess Eris’s bribe was the best. She said she would have him marry Helen. Then she helped Paris kidnap her. Like you said Paul, her dad had to fight to get her back and thats how it all started.

I heard that Helen's dad will be punishing who ever took Helen. The punishment is death.

Well its Helen's dad so that isn't even the worst he's done

Well i should probaly get going I want to see the death so I can get the best selling article in Goddess Gossip: The goddess Eris dies of stealing Helen.

Well I might get going now too because I should warn Eris of what is gonna happen soon.

Well there you have it folks the real story of how the Trojan War really started from Minerva herself.

This is helen

Eris comparison to Demi Lovato

Same: They are both famous. They both cause trouble.

Difference: Eris is confident in herself and Demi's not. Eris is a goddess, Demi is a singer .Eris caused a war, Demi did not.

Eris: Goddess, Thinks she is beautiful, bribes, Born along time ago, myth

Demi: Singer, doesn't think she is pretty, eating disorder, cuts herself, real

Family tree of Helen

Helens dad is the king of troy and her mother is the queen