Wanted: Food Poisoning

Dead or Alive Reward 5,000

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Description of the Suspect

The suspect is of bacterial decent. He is a very sneaky guy and he hides in poorly cooked, contaminated, or spoiled food. Its bacterial so it may be hard too see that's why so many people are affected by his wrath. But if you do get it you can tell by some of the symptoms that you are facing.

How to find out if you have been attacked

The suspect will attacked you if he finds the chance too. He enter the body through food and causes a ruckus in your abdominal area. He spreads around his destruction through your ab-domain. He also spreads if an infected person touched an animal or another person.

Where he might be hiding

If the suspect does attack you the most likely place that he would be hiding is in your ab-domain. If he is hiding within your body you might feel a little sick. You might throw-up have nausea or be very dehydrated.

Armed but not Dangerous

He is a pain but he only rarely kills his victims he just usually leaves them with only a few symptoms. But it doesn't mean that you are safe from him being lethal.

Crime Stats

Roughly 48 million people have been affected by his wrath. 128,000 have been hospitalized, 3,000 have died.

Best way to fend him off

Wash hands thoroughly, cook food fully, defrost food safely, keep raw foods away from ready to eat foods,and throw out food when you think it is time too