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Are you creating "metrics that matter"?

How many times have you sat down to plan your volunteer or member events and realized that you did not have a clear idea of what mattered most. Yes, you knew you wanted to host a gala, have a few happy hours and a speaker but you really didn’t know what it added up to. You might even have engagement goal like “We want 800 followers on Twitter” or “We want 50 people to attend our Speaker Series event” as a guide post to success but what did that lead to? Did it mean anything? It is like the difference between having 50 strangers in a room vs. having a family reunion. Yes, they are both in a central location and mixing will occur no matter what but the natural connection and value that will be found and experienced in a family reunion greatly outweighs the 50 strangers in a room UNLESS you know what those 50 people mean to each other and to your overall mission and goal. If that is understood and optimized then the ability to make purposeful connections becomes open to you. As you increase the amount of purposeful connections leveraging your organization as the spoke of the volunteer wheel the more you can increase your opportunities to work toward your mission by mobilizing your base.

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