Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 6: Monday 7th - Friday 11th September 2015

Parent/Teacher Conference

Tuesday September 15th from 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Wednesday September 16th from 5.30 - 7.30 pm

Friday 11th September - National Holiday (school closed)

14th September - Book Week. Book character dress up on Friday 18th.

Thursday 24th (National Holiday) and Friday 25th September - School Closed

ES Town Planning Meeting - Tuesday 6th October 8:00

Celebration of Learning - Tuesday 6th October 8:30 - 10:20 (Class slots tbc)

Next week's virtue of the week is:

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Language Arts

Honestly, it felt a little strange coming back to school on Monday and seeing each other in crisp white shirts and hair in neat ponytails. Although Sibu could still be seen on the faces of many (some still a little redder than others...), we yearned for the days of ripping coconut husks and scrambling through jungles. Sigh. Fortunately we were able to take time to use our CASS booklets as a guide to help us reflect in a deep and meaningful way on how we had grown, what we had learnt about ourselves and how we will bring this learning and apply it back in regular life in Singapore. We shared our thoughts and feelings with kindness and respect and really took time to answer these questions fully.

In Writer's Workshop we have used our learning about historical references from our Immersion phase and started writing in earnest. Wow! Once we started, we couldn't stop! What was meant to be a paragraph turned into several, creativity and excellence shining through. We have also been exploring characters in detail and using the text as evidence to support our findings.

Next week we will begin to plan our own historical fiction piece, we can't wait! Please continue to read and discuss this genre at home and generate ideas and possibilities. Watch this space!


It was an exciting start to our Mathematics classes this week, with the introduction workshop on our new calculators. This helped us to learn a few of the basic operations that we will be using this year and we are now very eager to start using them in class.

Before starting our new unit on mixed operations, we spent some time revising Unit 1's review carefully and consolidating our knowledge. We began our learning journey on Operations by examining the Mathematical Law of BODMAS. The children have enjoyed working through examples of calculations, reminding each other of the order and procedure. To end the week some children tested their new knowledge by challenging each other to a BODMAS game.


Research and reliability has been the theme this week. We have been increasing our knowledge using different evidence. Using a variety of sources helps to ensure reliability and accuracy. The children have developed a good understanding of the different features of rivers. They have linked the physical characteristics of rivers to human activities. Why, for example, is the upper river suitable for animal grazing but not growing crops? Throughout the week, the children have learnt about note taking and citing sources used. We have also reflected upon the learning so far and updated the knowledge harvest. The upcoming celebration of learning will give you an opportunity to find out more!

Homework Week 7

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Sibu Photos

We have taken a number of photos of the children during their expedition. Should you wish to have a copy please send in a USB drive and we shall have them copied over.

Enjoy the gallery below of some of our favourites.

Miss Claire Douglas

Head of Grade 5, Class teacher for 5CDo and Maths Group 4

Mr Paul McGrath

Class teacher for 5PMc and Maths Group 3

Mr Scott Gericke

Class teacher for 5SGe and Maths Group 2

Miss Sally Baines

Class teacher for 5SBa and Maths Group 1