Are you ready for More-Vember?

Team Shine Bright November 2016 Team Newsletter

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There is so much happening in November at Stella & Dot that it's difficult to cram it all in to one newsletter. It's a month where retail sales across the UK see a sharp rise - meaning MORE of everything for you!

  • MORE trunkshows up for grabs
  • MORE earnings to be made
  • MORE new recruits to welcome to the business
  • MORE promotions than ANY other month of the year.
  • MORE fun and joy and happiness

Welcome to MORE-VEMBER - we have 30 days and let's make them magical!

The best sign up offer we've had in history - extended!

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People often ask me what IS the secret to sponsoring. If I could give you one piece of advice it's to MENTION IT in the first place ! I tell people about this day. Why? Because I do think it's the best deal ever and I wouldn't be sat here typing about it as a Director with the brand if that deal hadn't have been shared with me. I'm SO GRATEFUL for that.

Step 1 is to ACTUALLY TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT. Strangers, acquaintances, friends, everyone. Step 2 is to talk with ENTHUSIASM. And Step 3 is to SHARE your PERSONAL story with positivity. And my final tip is to Follow up and seal the deal - whether that's a phone call or meeting for a coffee.

Why sponsor? More fun with a team, choose the people you want to work with, much higher earnings and greater rewards.

Bonuses for your Promotion - and your sponsor gets matching cash too!

This November, when a Stylist in your first line promotes for the FIRST-TIME to Associate, Senior or Star Stylist, you'll receive a matching UPLINE Winter Mentor Bonus! (Note: upline needs to hit equal or higher Pay Rank to earn the matching bonus).

What Winter Mentor Bonus could you receive?

Matching Upline Bonus for the First-Time Promotion:

Associate Stylist: £75/€100

Senior Stylist: £150/€200

Star Stylist: £300/€400

PLUS, you will still also receive the Sponsor-Matching bonus if they hit their second-time promotion bonus in the following three months. The cash bonuses for you this season are unlimited! Please check the FAQs for more details.

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Marketing Tools for November

The Trunkshow Exclusive Offers for November make great Christmas presents! Don't forget to print them out and offer this amazing deal to your customers - so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over!

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge under Marketing Materials.

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An £800 trunkshow could earn you a Pegasus!

From 31 October - 14 November if you host a Stella & Dot trunkshow with sales of £800 or more, you will be entered into a draw to win a Pegasus necklace - choose silver or gold ( worth £170)! There is a draw each week. All you have to do is post your name on the Purple Dot trunkshow page when you have had a trunkshow with sales of £800 or more. Here is the link to the FB page please ask your sponsor to add you when you've had a Purple Dot (£800) trunkshow xxxx

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Welcome to our newest Stylists

Well girls... you've joined at the best time of the year. So if you're ever going to make it in the business this is your moment :-) In my experience, the sooner you host your first trunkshow, the more succcessful you are. So if you haven;t already, let's get this party started. And remember IMPERFECT ACTION is ALWAYS BETTER THAN NO ACTION :-)


Maryama Atlas

Florence Delpuech-Deasy

Sara Logan

Harriet Tuckett

Cheryl Morrison

Vanessa Yates

Rebecca Grimes

Caroline Ollerhead

Emma Read

MIranda Ferns

Natalie Davies

Vicki Cronley

Tammy Johnson

Nicola Coppock

Becky Wilson

Claire Loon

Please do join our Team Facebook Page (or ask you Sponsor to add you) ClICK HERE

Top 10 in Monthly sales

You girls are rocking around the Christmas Tree!

4) Emma Macleod 2,276.58

5) Stephanie Smith 2,148

6) Amanda Smart 2,117

7) Joy Grayson-Mahon 1,950

8) Lyndsay Duncan 1,894

9) Carol Paxman-Hughes 1,786

10) Angela Parker 1,612

Look who Sponsored in October

Top in October Sponsoring ! Angela Parker 2

Lisa Drew 1

Samantha Gowling 1

Jane Buckle 1

Stacey Rankin 1

Vivienne Smith 1

Kerry Taylor 1

Leanne Critchley 1

Bernadette Gavin 1

Laura Lovell 1

Joy Grayson-Mahon 1

Carrie Ann Stevens 1

Team Promotions #SDJoy

North West Stylist meet-up December 10

Our Team 'Shine Bright' Christmas Party.Two words BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO ! Date for the diary Sat 10 December 1pm onwards. Lost & Found, Knutsford. We can choose two things from the Brunch Menu (and pay for them) and then there is an option to pay £15 for two hours of BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO. If you can make the Christmas Do, we need to pay £10 deposit and choose the two brunch options by December 1. I am collecting monies via Paypal or bank transfer if better for you or click here for Eventbrite

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Hostess Booking Reward until Nov 20!

Start reaching out to potential Hostesses. Not only will two of your Hostesses who hold Trunk Shows from the 1st to 20th November get their normal Hostess Gift, but NOW you can offer them an extra festive reward!

- Pave Disc Cuff in Gold

- Pave Disc Cuff in Silver

Today you should receive 2 x Gift Codes to offer 2 x November Hostesses. Your Hostess can qualify for her gift if her Trunk Show is held 1st to 20th November and redeem this gift with her Hostess order by the 5th December.

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My top tips - Mhari Oakes

Three tips for More-Vember

1) November is a great month for a trade stand! Google events and find a Christmas shopping themed evening or daytime function you can pop along to and sell your wares! Or why not set up shop in a local gym or golf club (on ladies day).

2) Use the Pave Disc Cuff promotion to reach out to hostesses and book two more trunkshows in the diary this month. A Christmas shopping night at home saves the hassle and expense of parking, petrol, and babysitters.

3) Call the 'husbands' and 'boyfriends' and suggest the perfect item for their partner. they will LOVE you helping them with Christmas shopping.

The fortune is always in the follow-up! Pick up the phone! Personal is always best.