Slavery struggles in the Triangle

By: Sai Kurakula

Social Effects of Slave Trade

The slave trade hurt Africa greatly from a social standpoint. Many Kingdoms, religious groups and everyday people had their lives changed completely. The slave trade impairs Africa from growing and it hurt the social stability of Africa.

Political effects of slave trade

The Europeans were effected in very positive ways by this slave trade since they now had the man power they needed to take advantage of the industrial revolution. However, the case in Africa was much different. The slave trade caused Africa many political problems. Many of their most able troops and leaders were being shipped off to America to be used slaves. The death toll of this slave trade was also very shaking for Africa.the worst part was that it turned these Africans against each other. The powerful Africans would capture the others and sell them to slavery for a sizable profit.

Plantations during the time

Plantations during this period were run by whites. The main reason blacks were chosen to work at plantations was because they had exceptional skill with agriculture. The main cash crops that were grown were cotton, tobacco, sugar, coffee and indigo.

Slave resistance

Slaves resisted slavery by revolting against their owner, running away, or by doing small day to day resistances.

Revolts were very hard to create amongst the blacks because they were so overpowered by the whites.

Running away didn't become an option until northern states began to abolish slavery. But even then if a slave was running away to the north , the consequences were brutal.

The final way slaves resisted was through little everyday things. Salves would play dumb or slow down the work process, they would break tools or sabotage buildings, they would act sick or set fire to machinery. They would do not so big things to resist the harsh work they had as a slave.