New Tech User Manual

how to use the telephone, railroad, and morse code

how to use the telephone, railroad, and the seed drill


the tools to make the telephone were string like material, bendable metal, and two small bullhorns. you would take the bendable metal and wrap it around the string like material and connect the two small bullhorns to the end of each end. when a person was to speak into their bullhorn, their voice would vibrate off the metal and into the bullhorn. if you listened carefully, you can hear and make out the words that the other person was saying. the telephone was easy to repair if was broken because there were only three main pieces. you would simply take it apart, find the problem, and replace what needed to be fixed.
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How Railroads Worked

Picks, shovels, fresno scrapers, a couple of steam shovels, black powder and the usual construction tools, huge nails, wood and thick, durable metal. you would need a machine or a whole lot of man power in order to build a railroad. First you would need to place the thick and durable metal into two parallel lines( the width of a train) next, you would get your planks of wood and lay them in between the two parallel lines of metal( about 10 inches apart). After you take the huge nails and pound them into the four corners on the wood. lastly, you would apply a little grease to the metal parallel lines.

if a part of a railroad needed to be fiexd, then you would need to replace the wood and nails and if the metal was still intact, then you could reuse it.

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Understanding the Seed Drill

A seed drill is a sowing device that positions seeds in the soil and then covers them. The seed drill sows the seeds at equal distances and proper depth. Ensuring that the seeds get covered with soil/dirt. the seed drill increased the amount of seeds being put into the ground. They also lessened the stress on the seed planter.

In the picture below, the seed drill only has seven major parts to it, which can easily be repaired if in need of fixing.

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