Freak the Mighty

Loyalty to Friends

Title of book

"Freak" is a little boy named Kevin. "Mighty " is a teenage boy named Max. The theme I choose relates to the title of the book because, Kevin and Max are very good friends! Kevin is a smart, weird little boy who has braces on his body,that is why he is called "Freak." Max is a super tall teenager,whose not the smartest pea in the pod, this is why he is called "Mighty." They are always together and on adventures,they learn and explore new things, and are the complete package!

Man vs. Man

I picked Man vs. Man because at some points Freak and Max, disagreed. Freak the Mighty also had to go up against Tony D and his gang. Freaky and Mighty also had somethings that had to do with family and friends. Freak had to fit it with Max, they both needed a friend and found eachother.

Character's remarks and/or actions

Freak and Max went on adventures together everyday, learning new things about eachother and the world..even King Arthur. They also went and got Loretta's purse back! Freak was never afraid of anything he once said "You can think yourself out of anything, even pain." Freak taught Max things he wouldn't of known and Max taught Freak things too!

Contrasts between Characters

Max and Freak maybe best friends, but they have their differences. Max is tall and doesn't like to do much, he has very different interests than Freak. He also isn't as smart as Freak is. Freak likes to use his time, doing something. Weather its reading or going on adventures. Freak is new to the area and doesn't know much about Tony D and his gang so Max is kinda there to guide him!