MERIT/FAME - December Update

MERITFAMEcon, classes, and programs

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MERIT and FAME 2018 Programs

MERIT18 applications are live! Please help spread the word and get your teacher and administrator friends to apply for the best professional development program for student-centered teaching. CLICK HERE for more info.

Blended FAME is running June 18th through June 29th, with exact dates coming soon. This program helps sixth through tenth grade math teachers up their game and engage students in the eight mathematical practices.

A new FAME program is also running this summer. This new program will be for 4th and 5th grade teachers who want to develop their mathematical teaching and learning skills. Dates and times are coming soon - but we'd like to get some more information from you. If you're interested in the program, please fill out this form so we can best address your needs.

MERITFAMEcon: January 6, 2018 from 9:00am to 1:00pm

This free event is for FAME or MERIT alumni (including EWYL participants). Come learn with your former cohort members and catch up with each other since you graduated from your program. There will be concurrent sessions presented by former MERIT and FAME cohort members, and unconference-style sessions will be available as well. CK12 is co-sponsoring this event and will present some educational technology sessions as well.

Want to present a session? CLICK HERE

To attend the event, you must RSVP by CLICKING HERE

Winter 2018 Courses

Come take a course in the new Makerspace or brush up on your ed-tech and teaching skills. Earn units and climb the steps at your district.

Find our Winter 2018 Course Schedule here.

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Computer Science Program Opportunity

If you have been looking to learn about computer science, then we have a very exciting opportunity for you.

The Infosys Pathfinders Summer Institute and KCI are offering teachers the opportunity to study computer science at Indiana University Bloomington. KCI is offering our very popular Computer Science Crash Course during this week-long program. Teachers apply to the program with InfoSys paying half of the fees to attend. Your district can pay the other half, or you can apply for Donor's Choose grants to raise the money. The cost includes air fare, housing, food, and training.

For more information, click here and choose KCI Computer Science Crash Course as one of your choices.

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Share your story!

We're always looking for updates from our MERIT and FAME graduates. Have a new job? Did you have a baby? Are you presenting at an upcoming conference? Email lisa@krauseinnovationcenter to have your edu-story or update included in our newsletter.

Krause Center for Innovation

The KCI has been serving K-12 educators since 2000. Over 18,000 teachers have taken KCI courses. It has built a reputation on intensive summer institutes for educators, as well as the courses it provides throughout the year. The KCI has consistently focused on building innovative courses and programs and on evaluating and improving its methodologies.