My Research

By Jillian Camilleri


I like to cook, so I like cookbooks to find new recipes to try.

Title: All Around the World Cookbook

Author: Sheila Lukins

Call Number: 641.59 LUK

My Research Question:

How can cooking impact or identify to culture?


I enjoy sports, especially soccer. I love to play them, and watching too. I like to watch some of the professionals and seeing what they do and trying to get better.

Title: Women of Sports

Author: Rachel Rutledge

Cal Number: 796.334 RUT

My Research Question:

How can reading about professional athletes make YOU better at that sport?


I love to play basketball, so I like to share my love for it by helping other people learn to play, or have them learn on their own with an instructional book.

Title: Raising a Team Player:Teaching Kids Lasting Values On the Field, the Court, and on the Bench

Author: Harry Sheehy with Danny Perry

Call Number: 796 SHE

My Research Question:

How can how-to/instructional books help people get better at what they do?

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