New England Colonies

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut


  • Found in 1630 by John Winthrop. Also called the "Great Migration" in which people came over for a new beginning.
  • Along the coast was a lot of fishing and there was ship building and trade.
  • The colony was royal but it was under a charter.
  • The estimate population was 235,808.
  • Native tribes was Wampanoag and Nauset.
  • There was the Puritans and the Separatist.
  • The Salem Witch Trails is the time period where people was known for doing witch craft. There was 100- 200 arrest and 19 deaths from the outcome of the Trails.

New Hampshire

  • Found in 1623 by John Mason and John Wheelwright.
  • The cash crop was wheat.
  • It was a Royal colony.
  • The estimate for population in 1770 is 62,396.
  • The Native tribes there was Pennacook and Abenaki.
  • You couldn't have any other religion except for Puritan.

Rhode Island

  • Was found in 1636 by Roger Williams.
  • There was agriculture for money making and ship building and fishing.
  • The colony was a Corporate colony.
  • The native tribes there was Narragansett and Nipumue.
  • The population there in the 1770 was 58,196.
  • There was no religion base so it was free to Quakers Baptist and other religions.


  • Was found in 1635 by Thomas Hooker.
  • The money maker was manufacture and industries such as ship Building.
  • It was a corporate colony.
  • The native tribes there was Pequot and Mohegan (Mohican).
  • The population in the 1770 was 183,881.
  • The religion there was strictly Puritan.

Thirteen Colonies: the New England Colonies