Arts and Entertainment

By: Taylor P. Rachel N. and Travis D.

"Leisure Activities"

In 1953, there were 30 billion dollars spent on leisure goods and activities, including radio, television, movies and sports. This multi-billion dollar industry came about in the continental United States because people started relaxing and enjoying life after the end of the war. Overall the middle class started spending more because of the post-war economic boom, and many sorts of business made a profit.

"Music and Television"

All sorts of music, including Rock'n'Roll and blues, became a nationwide sensation in the early 50's. H.B. Barnum took the rhythm of blues and changed it to an upbeat version and named it Rock'n'Roll. It immediately got lots of positive feedback. Another thing that became part of the Golden Age was the new format that radio took, which was to begin playing music rather than just radio shows and stories. This new radio format came about because of the new release of television. People wanted to see a story rather than just hear it. Television took over the entertainment market. As a result, radio actually survived the television boom only because of the new radio format.