Team 103 Super Heroes

Finding the Power Within!

Upcoming Super Hero Training Schedule

What's ahead:

Monday, November 30 Student Council meeting

This Week we're learning:

Writing Workshop - This week we have started our work on opinion writing. We are learning about thesis statements and backing up our opinions with reasons and evidence.

Literacy - We'll be starting a class novel Sarah, Plain and Tall. Different groups will be sharing the book in a variety of ways. We'll be using the story to work on our prediction skills, as well as inference skills, character development, and vocabulary development. We'll be on a search for figurative language, especially similes!

Mathematics - We are beginning our work with fractions and mixed numbers. We'll be comparing fractions with like denominators and finding equivalent fractions. MIGHTY MULTIPLIERS continues and we have one student up to the 12's already! Many of us are making good progress. Practice those multiplication facts every night for 5-10 minutes and you too can be a MIGHTY MULTIPLIER!

Social Studies- It's all about OHIO thousands of years ago when the area we live in now was covered by a glacier 1 mile thick! We will discuss how that glacier formed the land that we now live on and affects the way we live in Ohio even today. By the end of the week man will enter the area!

You are your child's first and greatest teacher!

Home Hero Connection

Math - 5-10 minutes nightly of basic multiplication fact practice (flashcards, verbal, computer games, etc.) will be a huge help as we work on multiplying and dividing larger numbers.

Reading - 20 minutes nightly reading of current AR book. Let your child share what they're reading with you. We should be 50% to goal.


Many of our Super Heroes returned from the extended break with the sniffles and lots of coughs. Command is working hard to sanitize desks and reminding the team to wash their hands. Hopefully everyone is getting a good night's sleep and dressing for the cold weather!