Leaves for his voyage to find his father, dead or alive

Tele Gets a Visit From a Strange Old Man

Tele is currently living in Iliad with his mother, Pene. The two are not living the sweet life though. Iliad is being over run with suitors that want to marry Pene, and take over the kingdom. Telemachus is losing hope, and believes his father is dead. But, little does he know, his father is very much alive, stuck on the island Ogygia with the goddess Calypso. Calypso is holding him hostage because she wants to keep him for herself.

Goddess Athena doesn't want Tele to give up hope, so she disguised herself as Mentes, an old friend of Ody. Athena predicted that Ody is still alive, and tells Tele to kick the suitors out of Iliad, and then leave on a journey to see if he can find any news on his father. Tele knows that the man is actually Athena, and leaves to tell the suitors that there will be a meeting the next day, and they will bet kicked out of Iliad.


Tele Tells the Suitors to Hit the Road

The next day, Tele called a meeting. Age is very proud of Tele for stepping into his father's shoes and calling a meeting. Tele yells at the suitors for taking his family's ox and sheep, and tells him that if they wanted to marry his mother, they would go to her dad and ask if they can marry his daughter. Anti is not happy with the situation, and reminds the suitors that Pene had been ripping up the tapestry that she was making to help put off the marriage. Then, two birds suddenly flew into the center of the town, fought, and the winner flew away. One of the suitors says this is a sign that Ody is still alive, but another suitors says it is a sign that Ody is dead.

Telemachus then prepared to leave for his journey, and Athena came back as Mentor to visit him again. She then disguises herself as Tele and got together a crew for him. Tele doesn't tell anyone about the trip except for his nurse Eurycleia.