By: Kelsey Plane

DNA in Biotechnology

DNA plays a very important role in Biotechnology because DNA is used as a practice tool for scientists to experiment on. DNA and Biotechnology can be used to make proteins that are usually not used in cells. It can also relieve pollution and increase fertility in the soil.

Potential negative impacts of Biotechnology

Some potential negative impacts of Biotechnology are development of harmful chemicals,loss of biodiversity transformations of wild species to genetically modified crops, and domestic livestock leading to involvement of super species.

Using Biotechnology for environmental clean-up

Biotechnology is used in environmental Clean-up or Bioremediation by using microbes to cleanup oil or chemical spills, like gasoline leaking from underground.

NC Biotechnology research centers

Most of the research centers are located near the Piedmont Triad and the Research Triangle.

Job as a Medical Scienctist

Medical scientists jobs contain alot of use of Biotechnology. There job is to discover bacteria, viruses, and infectious diseases. They also have to find treatments, prevention's and even how to improve people's health. Biotechnology helps majorly in there work and even work field, biotechnology helps they with Clinical trials, monitor doses of drugs, find side effects and administer drugs to patients. Biotechnology definitely helps tremendously with this job.

NC Rankings V.S. U.S.A Rankings

North Carolina ranked #2 in the U.S. , the United States ranked #1 out of the rest of the world, and MIT Ranked highest for universities