National Saxophone Day

What a Great Day to Appreciate the Saxophone!

November 6th

This holiday could have started as early as 1846, when Adolphe Sax received a patent for the saxophone. While the originator of this holiday is unknown, it was started in honor of Adolphe Sax and takes place on his birthday, which is November 6, 1814. Another interesting fact: the saxophone was invented in Belgium.

This Holiday Deserves More Recognition!

National Saxophone day should be a more largely known holiday because saxophones are extremely cool, in both look and sound. Saxophones are important in jazz, marching bands, and symphonic bands. This holiday could be a great way to educate Americans on the diverse uses of this instrument.

How Can You Celebrate National Saxophone Day!

You can celebrate this day by doing things like listening to jazz or band music, going out to eat at a restaurant with blues music, and playing games like who can hear the saxophone first while listening to music. Schools could have saxophone solo to start the day out.