Critters, Coffee & Couture

A Fundrasier For Wild Arc

Our Special Day is Coming Soon

I'm turning Gorgeous Coffee into a boutique for a night of fashionable fundraising! All the evenings proceeds will be donated to Wild Arc. Wild arc is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide humane care to injured, orphaned, sick and distressed wildlife based on established rehabilitation standards and an animals natural history. Just last year the facility had expenditures of $543,415, which was all payed for through donations, grants and fundraising. Prepare to's all from Stella & Dot, as featured by Vogue and InStyle. Support a great cause and look good doing it!

Critters, Coffee & Couture

Thursday, Oct. 10th, 6-9pm

300 Gorge Road West

Victoria, BC

How will your donations be used?

The BC SPCA’s mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia. Since August 1997, Wild ARC has treated over 27,000 wild animals. The main reason these animals are in need of help is due to human activity, generally causing trauma to the animal.

Many of the animals we admit are severely injured after being hit by a vehicle, hitting a building or window, attacked by a cat or dog or even a natural predator, or caught in a fence or netting. Many young animals are also orphaned when their parents suffer from fatal trauma. Some animals are sick with disease or covered in oil or a sticky substance.

In 30-40% of the cases, we are able to treat and release the animal back to the wild after a short or long period in care. Another third of the animals may die in care within hours or days of being admitted or before they even reach the center. The remaining animals suffer from severe injuries, illness, or emaciation that they will never recover from to function in the wild again, and therefore they are provided with a humane euthanasia - another form of release - that from a very painful life. In a few rare cases we are able to locate breeding or educational programs for non-releasable wildlife.

We have seen increasing numbers of wildlife admitted to Wild ARC over the years, likely from a combination of more people becoming aware of Wild ARC, more wild animals being injured or orphaned with increasing human population in the region, and finally, more people being out in the wilderness interacting with wild animals. The spring and summer are the busiest times of the year with many baby animals needing both medical care for injures and supportive care when their parents have been killed.

Wild animals can suffer from a variety of ailments, which require special care, food, medical supplies and housing. Other special needs include formula for nursing orphaned mammals required for months at a time, emergency x-rays and regular antibiotics which all have significant costs. The average cost of caring for one wild animal ranges from $150 to $300, and special cases requiring surgery and long-term treatment can cost over $1000.

2012 Expenditures

Animal Care Operations $308,351

Building Maintenance and Utilities $63,177

Food and Supplies $27,678

Medical/Veterinary Costs $15,247

Communications, Office and Transport $24,696

Fundraising (mail,events,merchandise) $10,201

Provincial Office Support (IT, HR, Finance) $94,065

Total: $543,415

Independent Stylist Caitlynn Neal

Caitlynn Neal is a second-year student at the University of Victoria whose goal is to become a veterinarian. She volunteers at Wild Arc two days a week, and also at a local vet clinic. As an animal care volunteer at Wild Arc, Caitlynn assists in the day-to-day care of the animals and spending time with the animals has melted her heart, placing a drive in her to do whatever she can to help these critters get the best care possible. However, being a full-time student at the University of Victoria Caitlynn's finances are limited so she cannot donate money herself. Thus, she proposed doing a third-party Stella & Dot fundraiser for Wild Arc to the facility managers and they gave her the go ahead.

Additional Donations

Below is a list of items needed by wild arc, which you can bring to the event:


  • Unsalted nuts (in and out of shell)

  • Unsalted seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, squash…)

  • Rice pablum (banana or plain flavour)

  • Wild bird seed

  • Ensure (vanilla flavour)

  • Canned dog and cat food (high quality, not senior or diet)

  • Suet blocks

  • Live earthworms

  • Organic soil with no vermiculite

  • Baby food (vegetable or fruit, no peas or meat please)

  • High quality dry hay

  • Frozen fish/seafood

Cleaning :

  • Paper towels and toilet paper (can never get enough!)
  • Bleach (the more the better!)

  • Liquid laundry soap, any brand (the more the better!)

  • Dishwashing soap, any brand (the more the better!)

  • Original Dawn dishwashing soap (blue only and not “Dawn Plus”)

  • Disposable gloves

  • Metal rake (fan style)

  • Scrub brushes

  • Garbage bags (extra large)

  • Brooms with hard bristles

Animal Care Supplies:

  • Autoclave (large-capacity)
  • Butterfly nets

  • Mirrors (small, for inside cages)

  • Bird feeders (small, for inside cages)

  • Ceramic dishes (extra small)

  • Food Dehydrator

  • Hand mixer

  • Heating pads

  • Magic bags

  • Toys (easy to clean)

  • Medical supplies (will be added shortly)

  • Red Heat lamp bulbs

  • Full spectrum light bulbs

  • Pillow cases

  • Nail brushes

  • Digital scales (for weights of 1 kilo or more)

Facility Supplies:

  • Garden shears

  • Tarps

  • Nylon rope

  • Wash clothes

  • Extension cords

Office Supplies:
  • Canadian Tire money

  • Gift certificates (ie: pet, grocery, hardware stores…)

  • Tape

  • Pens

  • Printer paper (the more the better!)

  • Laminating sheets

  • Scissors

  • Dry erase pens

  • Wet erase pens (blunt tip)

  • Whiteboard cleaner

  • Digital timers

  • Postage

Urgent Supplies:

  • Nursery Incubator - like this model - call us for more details
  • Aquarium Pump - this exact model - by Little Giant
  • Oxygen Concentrator - like this model - call us for more details - UPDATE MAY 2013 - We recently received one from a very generous donor but could always use a second for emergencies!
  • Gas cards to pay for wildlife transportation - any major gas station chain accepted