Derek Jeter

When he was young

He was born June 26, 1974. Derek's parents named him after a hockey star, Derek Sanderson. Derek loved Baseball. When he was young he dreamed of playing baseball. He was a good kid. As a kid his parents trained him in a quick mind, easy manner, and self confidence.

When he went into little league he was pretty good. He was encouraged by his parents to go into sports. He also played basketball. in school he was also doing good in with an A- average.

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Derek was a captain for the Yankees. and over all a good role-model. because of his old school approach: never give excuses or give less then maximum effort.

Whats similier

I don't usually give excuses and hardly give up

What was helpful

I think it was never giving less then maximum effort so he would try his hardest

Why i would follow

He gives his maximum effort and I think that's good

Does Derek have to demonstrate all the leadership traits to be effective

No he can still be a good leader but just not as good

to be a good leader you should be good at communication, humor, inspiring, and many more like that