Staff Saber Scoop Part II

January 29, 2016

The Fairlawn Police would like to do the state-required live safety simulation with our school next week!

Next week ( most likely either on Tuesday or Friday) someone from the Fairlawn Police department will be dressed in plain clothing and will enter our school and walk around the building without a visitor's badge. Teachers that see any person walking the halls without a visitor badge should direct the person to the office to get a badge. They should also use the two-way communication button in their room to let the front office know that a person without a visitor badge is in the building and has been directed to go to the front office. You may also personally walk the person to the front office if you are able to.

Other Events next week:

1. New Student Registration will be taking place in the front hallway. Please keep your students quiet in the hall and be aware that visitors can hear you in the lunchroom.

2. 1st Grade Reading Parties are next Thursday all day.

3. After school clubs begin again next Tuesday and Wednesday in the Science Lab.

4. 3rd Quarter interims for any students getting a D or F should be given out on Thursday.

Welcome, Baby Riley Gaffney!

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