Green Builder Contractor

By: Megan Boulanger


Green Builder Contractor

Job Description/Duties:

A green builder contractor is the one who chooses the materials and supplies.

This is a green career because they use recycled materials from the leftover debris from the house. The materials they buy can be green or non-green.

Environmental relationship:

This home uses less energy, water, and natural resources then a normal home. Eco-fiber carpets are made from recycled soda bottles instead.

People have to be careful of choosing materials make sure they are not mistakenly choosing a material that is produced at great cost to the environment-like wood from illegally logged trees in a rain forest.


A Green builder contractor makes $83,860 a year what they make an hour is $40.32.


Drywall scrapes are recycled and made into new drywall.

To build a house it starts with grading the lot and digging the foundation. Next the concrete foundation gets poured. Then the framer builds the wood structure. Followed by the roofer, siding installer, plumber, electrician, heating and air-conditioning specialist, insulation specialist, drywall installer, finish carpenter, cabinet maker , tile setter, flooring installer, painter, and landscaper.


Pick locally produced products like windows, roofing, and decorative trim, instead of products that have been shipped all the way from India and China.


Takes a while to pick the right carpets, windows, flooring, appliances, and more.


20 years of on the job training, and a 2 year degree in construction management.