Vote for Thomas Jefferson

If you want something you never had ,vote 4 Jefferson

Why should you vote for Jefferson? Jefferson wasn't just a man who stood in the background and watched the world change , but a man who wanted to fight for the freedom of people. He knew creating America wasn't going to be an easy task, but he did it anyways because he was brave and wanted to see if all the work everyone inducing him was worth it . His work paid off, Thomas Jefferson was a founding father. He didn't just want to be a founding father but he wanted to become the first vice president of America. As time went off Jefferson became the vice president , but he wanted to be better wanted to mark a bigger mark in history. He was voted to be the 3rd president . All his work, time, paid at the end , he became the 3rd president. His goal as president was to maintain "a wise & frugal ( economical) government . You see, Jefferson wont slack on work, we wont ignore the people's thought ,but he will listen ,get to work ,and become the person you will vote for .