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Hajj Rating

Why you should rate and review Hajj and Umrah travel agents

After performing the religious duty of Hajj or Umrah, we share our experience with family, friends and relative. Hajj and Umrah travel packages play an important role in making our journey comfortable. Therefore, we never forget to tell them about the quality of the services offered by the agent so that they can buy the best Hajj and Umrah package.

Here, you can share this information only with few individuals. Why not share this information with millions of Muslims going to Umrah or Hajj? By sharing your experience about an agent, you can help many other Muslims in your country to hire a reliable agent. The best medium to share this information is a website providing Hajj and Umrah rating and reviewing services.

When you browse through the internet, you will find several websites offering following services:

Rate it: After selecting your country from the menu, you are provided with a list of operators available in your country. You can select one and rate its services.

Review it: After selecting an agent, you can also write your reviews about the agent.

Share it: You can share these ratings and reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media websites.

Apart from this you can also find the list of the best operators in your country. Visit one of these websites to rate and write review about an agent to help your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

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